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Advanced Event Management

When it comes to a critical event having a smart and responsive event management in place is essential for video surveillance system. The VioStor NVR offers advanced event management function polished with intuitive AJAX Web interface. The VioStor NVR is equipped with enterprise-level alarm-triggering mechanism and supports various alerts and abnormal event. This feature greatly strengthens the security, management efficiency, and compatibility of the VioStor NVR systems.

When a moving object is detected by IP camera 1, the NVR triggers the alarm sensor connected to IP camera 1, adjusts the monitoring angle of IP camera 2 to the specified preset position, enables alarm recording on both cameras, and delivers email and SMS alert instantly to the administrator.

Advanced event management can be divided into two parts:

  • Events
    Supports more event types, e.g. motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, recording failure, and user-defined event to trigger follow-up actions.
  • Actions
    More actions can be activated when an event is triggered, such as multi-channel recording, adjusting the PTZ camera to the preset position, alarm output, built-in buzzer, email & SMS alert, and user-defined action.

Events Overview

Camera Events

  • Motion Detection
    When the camera detects the movement, the defined actions will be activated to notify related person to look over the monitoring area.
  • Alarm Input
    When the Viostor NVR receives the signal from the IP camera’s alarm input connecting to other alert devices, the defined actions will be activated to notify related person to deal with this event immediately.
  • Connection Failure
    When the VioStor NVR fails to connect to the IP camera, the defined actions will be triggered to notify related person to check the status of the camera.

NVR Events

  • Recording Failure
    When the VioStor NVR fails to record due to hard drive failure or system crash, the defined actions will be triggered to notify related person to examine the VioStor NVR.

External Events

  • User-defined Event
    The VioStor NVR supports user-defined event. After applying the settings, you can enter the CGI command in the browser to trigger the event, and the defined actions will be activated.

    Note: You can enter the following URL in the browser to trigger the event: http://NVR IP/cgi-bin/logical_input.cgi?name=User-defined Event Name

Actions Overview

When an event is triggered, the VioStor NVR starts recording one or more channels at the same time.


Camera Control
When an event occurs, the PTZ camera will be adjusted to the specified preset position for monitoring and recording. Also, you can use HTTP URL to activate further action.

Alarm Output
When an event occurs, the alarm output from the IP cameras will trigger other alert systems, such as lighting system, auto phone dialing system, security system and so on.
Note: The AXIS, Panasonic, SONY, ACTi, VIVOTEK camera models of which the alarm output is supported by the NVR will be listed.

When an event occurs, the VioStor NVR sends email to notify the specified recipients.


It will send the SMS message to inform the related persons when event happened. This will allow those persons to get the information and deal with it promptly.

The buzzer in the VioStor NVR will sound when an event occurs.


User-defined Action
The VioStor NVR supports user-defined actions. You can enter the HTTP URL from other surveillance systems. When an alert occurs, the NVR will activate other systems, such as extinguishing system, electronic control system, air-conditioning control system.

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