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How to Use Auto Cruising of Preset Positions

The auto cruising feature of the VioStor NVR is used to configure the PTZ cameras to cruise according to the preset positions and the staying time set for each preset position.

To use the auto cruising feature, follow the steps below.

  1. On the monitoring page of the VioStor NVR, click to go to the configuration page of the PTZ camera.
  2. Set the preset positions on the PTZ camera.
  3. Return to the monitoring page of the VioStor NVR. Right click the display of the PTZ camera. Select "Auto Cruising".
  4. Click the numbers on the left to view the preset positions of the PTZ camera. When you click the button, the name of the corresponding preset position is shown on the "Preset Name" drop down menu.
  5. Add: To add a setting for auto cruising, select the "Preset Name" from the drop down menu and enter the staying time (interval, in seconds). Click "Add".
  6. Update: To change a setting on the list, highlight the selection. Select another preset position from the drop down menu and/or change the staying time (interval). Click "Update".
  7. Delete: To delete a setting, highlight a selection on the list and click "Delete". To delete more than one setting, press and hold the Ctrl key and click the settings. Then click "Delete".
  8. After configuring the auto cruising settings, check the box "Enable auto cruising" and click "OK". The system will start auto cruising according to the settings.


  1. The default staying time (interval) of the preset position is 5 seconds. You can enter 5-999 seconds for this setting.
  2. The system supports up to 10 preset positions (the first 10) configured on the PTZ cameras. You can configure up to 20 settings for auto cruising on the NVR. In other words, the NVR supports maximum 10 selections on the drop down menu and 20 settings on the auto cruising list.
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