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How to Expand the Storage Capacity and Upgrade the RAID Level of the VioStor NVR by Online RAID Capacity Expansion & RAID Level Migration

The VioStor NVR is a high performance network video surveillance system for high-end, convenient, and reliable IP-based real-time monitoring and video recording. It is also an expansible system that users can expand the storage capacity of RAID volume and upgrade the RAID configuration.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration of the VioStor to expand the storage capacity and upgrade the RAID configuration level of the system respectively. Furthermore, you can use Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration together.

Case 1: Online RAID Capacity Expansion

Online RAID Capacity Expansion enables users to expand the storage capacity of RAID without turning off the server. Andrew can expand the current logical volume of RAID 5 from 750GB storage capacity to 3TB.

  1. Execute the RAID Expansion function. Replace the 250GB hard drives with 1TB ones step by step.
  2. Expand the capacity of the logical volume.

Operation Procedure:
Step 1

In Device Configuration/ RAID Management tool page, select the drive volume and click Expand capacity.

Step 2
Click [Replace] so that the first hard drive can be replaced. Follow the instructions to proceed.

Tips: After replacing the hard drives, the description field shows "You can replace this drive". This means you can replace the hard drive to a larger one or skip this step if the hard drives have been replaced already.
Caution: When the hard drive synchronization is in process, do NOT turn off the NVR or plug/ unplug the hard drives.

Step 3
When the description displays "Please remove this drive", remove the hard drive from the NVR. Wait for the NVR to beep twice after removing the hard drive.

Step 4
When the description displays "Please insert the new drive", insert the new drive to the drive slot.

Step 5
After inserting the hard drive, wait for the NVR to beep. The system starts rebuilding.

Step 6
After rebuilding finishes, follow steps 2-5 to replace other hard drive(s).

Step 7
After changing the hard drives and rebuilding completes, click [Expand capacity] to execute RAID expansion.

Click OK to proceed.

The NVR beeps and starts to expand the capacity.

Step 8
The process may take from hours to tens of hours depending on the drive size. Please wait patiently for the process to finish. Do NOT turn off the NVR during the process.

Step 9
After RAID capacity expansion is finished, the new capacity is shown and the status is Ready. You can start to use the server.

Tips: The description still shows "You can replace this hard drive". If the drive volume is Ready, you can perform RAID expansion.


Case 2: Online RAID Level Migration

Online RAID Level Migration enables upgrade the RAID configuration level of the VioStor without turning off the server or losing any data. The following example shows you how to migrate the system from single disk volume (1TB) to RAID 5 (3TB).

  1. Prepare hard drives of the same or larger capacity as an existing drive in the RAID configuration.
  2. Execute RAID Migration (Migrate the system from Single Disk mode to RAID 5 with 4 hard drives).

Step 1
Go to Device Configuration/ SATA Disk page. The current disk volume configuration displayed on the page is Single Disk (the capacity is 1TB).

Step 2
Insert the new hard drives of 1TB capacity to drive slots 2, 3, and 4 of NVR. The NVR system detects the new hard disks. The status of the new disks is "Unmounted".

Step 3
On Device Configuration/ RAID Management Tool page, select the drive configuration and click Migrate.

Step 4
Select one or more available drives and the migration method. The drive capacity after migration is shown. Click Migrate.

Note that all the data on the selected drives (new drives) will be cleared. Click OK.

Step 5
When migration is in process, the required time and total drive capacity after migration are shown in the description field.

Note: The NVR system will enter "read only" mode when the migration is in process during 11%~49% to assure the data of RAID configuration will be consistent after the RAID migration completes.

Step 6
After migration completes, the new drive configuration is shown (RAID 5) and the status is Ready. You can start to use the new drive configuration.

The process may take from hours to tens of hours to finish depending on the drive size. You can connect to the web page of NVR to check the status later.


Case 3: Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration together

To migrate the disk configuration of the VioStor from single disk volume (250GB) to RAID 5 and expand the storage capacity to 3TB. Follow the steps below.

  1. Execute Online RAID Level Migration to migrate the system from Single Disk to RAID 5. The total storage capacity will be 750GB of RAID 5. (With one 250GB drive and three 1TB drives, the disk usage will be 250GB*4 for RAID 5.)
    PS: You can refer to the Case 2 for detailed operation procedure.
  2. Execute Online RAID Capacity Expansion, to replace the 250GB drive with a new 1TB drive, and then expand the logical volume from 750GB to 3TB of RAID 5.
    PS: You can refer to the Case 1 for detailed operation procedure.


The VioStor NVR is an ideal end-to-end network surveillance system for system integrators, SMB, and enterprise. For more information about VioStor NVR, please refer to QNAP Security Products.

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