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QNAP VioStor NVR Helps Catch a Burglar and Protects Financial Partnership LLP

Striking during the weekend and in broad daylight, a burglar broke into the building housing Financial Partnership LLP in Richmond, Surrey UK, ransacked offices on both floors, and stole two laptop computers. While the burglary was in process, the QNAP VioStor Network Video Recorder swung into action.

“This is how it happened”, recalled Jeyayesh Shah, Managing Director of The Financial Partnership, “a push notification, including a high definition snapshot, hit me via email while the burglary was occurring. The email alert was sent right on time because we have properly configured according actions for all the event types via the detection functions of the QNAP VioStor.”

“When the burglary occurred, the system sent me an immediate notification, I logged into the QNAP NVR VioStor VS-4008 Pro from home, called the police, and in five minutes I was able to send them the recorded evidence for their further investigation.” The day after the incident, the burglar was arrested. He was later sentenced to 15 months in jail. “Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without the QNAP IP surveillance system and our Y-cam network cameras,” Shah concluded.

The Financial Partnership LLP, located on the outskirts of London, is a young, dynamic firm of accountants and business advisors who have helped improve the performance and profitability of many businesses.

Moving into the new Richmond office location at the start of 2010, Managing Director Jeyayesh Shah noticed there was no security system, and he began to worry about maintaining a secure environment for his staff.

Although the office is in a quiet, residential street, with little passing traffic, Shah wanted to be sure that they were covered. “As with most users, we wanted to achieve a high level of security, but we also had to stay within our budget when selecting among all security system vendors.”

The new IP surveillance system chosen by The Financial Partnership LLP consists of 12 Y-cam indoor and outdoor cameras, which are managed by an open platform NVR server VioStor VS-4008 Pro. “It only took us a couple of hours to finish the installation and set-up at vulnerable points around the building, and then we were ready to start monitoring,” recalled Mr. Shah. “A crucial value-added feature that QNAP convinced us to purchase is their storage solution for end-users. We have a number of computers which contain all our clients’ private information, and we made backups of everything important on the QNAP TS-419P Turbo NAS. This saves precious time because we don’t have to learn different operating systems and interfaces,” Mr. Shah added.

Looking at the camera system design, 2 Y-cams are located outdoors, one monitoring the front door and the other watching the car park and back entrance. In addition, 10 indoor cameras are installed around the entire building. The next step was to turn on the QNAP NVR box and automatically connect all the cameras together. Live viewing and recording at 30 frames per second is required at important entrance and exit points and 15 fps is sufficient for indoor views. The 4-drive VS-4008 Pro provides at least 6 TB of storage space, which is also flexible based on the system design.

User Feedback
Mr. Shah remembered the fortunate resolution to the recent incident, “The burglar was recognized very quickly by an investigating officer using the snapshot image we provided. He was then almost immediately apprehended, so that our laptops with the important files were safely retrieved. If we did not have the QNAP VioStor NVR and the TS-419P NAS for scheduled recording, motion detection and remote backup, in addition to our Y-cam cameras, our business would definitely have been affected more adversely than we could have imagined. This positive outcome from this event assures that we have made an excellent choice with a reasonable amount of budget in order to get such a trustworthy solution and great service.”

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