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VS-6012 Pro
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Firmware QNAP NVR Firmware 3.5.2 89.0MB Mirror1
Release Notes

Please zip the file.

The major updates of the VioStor NVR series firmware version 3.5.2 are as below:

[Important Notice]

To maintain system reliability, if you NVR is initialized before installing v3.5.1, released on Oct 3, 2011, we strongly suugest you to reinitialize NVR from scratch to create a new and intact file system.

  1. You have to backup all data in volume first.
  2. Power off the NVR. Remove the HDDs
  3. Power on the NVR without any HDD
  4. After a short beep and a long beep, run QNAP Finder, it will find the NVR and its IP.
    Note: If you do not hear a short beep followed by a long beep, the NVR might have been damaged. Please visit QNAP Online Support if this is your case.
  5. Hot-plug all HDDs back to the NVR, then follow the instructions of QNAP Finder to initialize.

[Features Enhancement]

  1. Support USB Joystick on web-based interface.
    1. Please install DirectX on your client PC before visit NVR live view page.
    2. Joystick must be connected before visit NVR live view page.
      Note 1: Axis T8311: Full support including PTZ and preset and select next/prev camera.
      Note 2: Other joysticks: only support PT.
  2. Add dialogbox of disk error notification on Japanese local display UI.

[New Camera Supported]

  1. Basler brand is newly supported.
    BIP-D1300c-dn, BIP-1600c-dn, BIP-640c-dn
  2. BLANC brand is newly supported under Network camera brand.
    MB5900-PIR, MB8900-PIR/MB8913-PWD, MB8920-PD/MB5920-PD and MB8930-PWD/MB5930-PWD
  3. Net Generation Office brand is newly supported under Network camera brand.
  4. Axis M3114, P8221, Q6034 are supported.
  5. ACTi KCM-5111, 5311, 7111, 7211 are supported.
  6. Brickcom VD-100Ae, MD-100Ae, FB-130Np, WFB-130Np, OB-130Np, WOB-130Np, GOB-130Np, FD-130Np, VD-130Np, VS-01Ae, FD-300Ap, VD-300Ap, CB-500Ap, WCB-500Ap, FB-500Ap, WFB-500Ap, CB-502Ap, WCB-502Ap are supported.
  7. CNB IDC4050IR, IDC4050VR, IDC4050VF are supported.
  8. Digitus DN16060, DN16061, DN16058, DN16055-1, DN16053, DN16054 are supported.
  9. D-Link DCS-930L, DCS-932L, DCS-942L, DCS-6511 are supported.
  10. Etrovision EV8x8xA, EV8780A/8782A, EV8x8xF, EV8x8xQ, EV8285Q/8286Q, EV8780Q/8782Q, EV8x8xU, EV8280U/EV8281U, EV8780U/8782U are supported.
  11. iPUX ICS 2200/2230/2300/2330 are supported.
  12. LG LW9226(I)/9228 are supported.
  13. Messoa NIC830 is supported.
  14. MOBOTIX D14D-SEC is supported.
  15. Panasonic iPro SF336 is supported.
  16. Samsung SNP-3301(H)/3370(TH) are supported.
  17. Shany SNC-11XX-1.3MP, SNC-21XX-1.3MP, SNC-22XX-2.0MP, SNC-23XX-3.0MP Series are supported.
  18. SONY SNC-CH180, SNC-CH260, SNC-CH280, SNC-EP521, SNC-EP550, SNC-ER521, SNC-ER550 are supported.
  19. Vivotek FE8171V, IP8331, SD83X1E, SD83X2E, SD83x3E are supported.
    For FE8171V, dewarp feature will be supported on January, 2012.
  20. Supports monitoring, recording, and playback from more ONVIF conformant products.
    * To use ONVIF conformant products with QNAP VioStor NVR, ONVIF specification must be fully implemented by camera vendors. The following IP camera and video server models have been tested by QNAP.
    • Dynacolor brand
      NA222 is tested.
    • Grundig brand
      GCI-K0322V, GCI-H05038 are tested.
      1. Please go to camera page to choose video format as MJPEG + H.264, MJPEG + MPEG-4, or MJPEG + BNC.
      2. Add the camera into VioStor NVR.
        If you choose MJPEG + H.264 on camera page, please configure video compression to M-JPEG or H.264 in NVR's Recording Settings page.
        If you choose MJPEG + MPEG-4 on camera page, please configure video compression to M-JPEG or MPEG-4 in NVR's Recording Settings page.
        If you choose MJPEG + BNC on camera page, please configure video compression to M-JPEG in NVR's Recording Settings page.
        Note 1: If you have added the camera into NVR, please remove the camera and add it into NVR again.
        Note 2: After changing video format on camera's page, please remove the camera and add it into NVR again.
    • Samsung brand
      SNB-7000 is tested under ONVIF brand, ONVIF Cameras (Recording Only) model.
    • SecuRex brand
      SHC-3131-C is tested.
    • TRUEN brand
      TCAM-570C-X10S, TCAM-7300 are tested.
      Note: For other ONVIF conformant products, please execute the compatibility test before any further usage.

[Camera Features Supported]

  1. Audio recording for IQinVision IQye IQ732, IQD30, and IQD31 camerasis supported when H.264 recording is enabled.
    Note: To enable audio monitoring for these cameras, please use stream from server.
  2. Auto snapshot for Vivotek 7000, 8000 series cameras is supported.
  3. Camera search for CB-500Ap/FB-500Ap is supported.
  4. Multi-stream for Axis M, P, Q series cameras is supported.
  5. Multi-stream for Sanyo HD series cameras is supported.
  6. Multi-stream for Samsung SNB-7000 is supported under ONVIF brand, ONVIF Cameras (Recording Only) model on NVR UI.
    Please configure resolution of Profile 1 on camera's page.
  7. Multi-stream for Sollo cameras is supported.
    Please configure stream 1 to H.264 and stream 2 to MJPEG, VGA on camera's page.
  8. Multi-stream for Sony CH120 and CH210 is supported when motion detection not enabled.
    Note: It is camera spec for multi-stream.
  9. Multi-stream for Vivotek FD8134 and IP8362 is supported.
  10. PTZ function of SNP-3120 is supported.
  11. Zoom control and preset point for ACTi KCM-5211, 5311, 7211 are supported.

[Bug Fixed]

  1. Fix abnormal results caused by playing files by VMobile at the same time.
  2. Fix "auto snapshot failure" issue.
  3. Fix "failed to show VGA resoluion on VMobile when using all display mode on iPad, and single-channel display mode on iPhone, Android phone."
  4. Fix nvrd re-launch caused by TOA.
  5. Fix playback error for VMobile when real-time watermark is enabled.
  6. Fix PTZ control of Vivotek FD8362.
  7. Fix recording issue of LevelOne FCS-4020.
  8. Fix reocording issue of LevelOne FCS-3071, 3081, 5051 under ONVIF standard.
  9. Fix reocording issue of Vivotek VS8401.
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