How to use QBack-35S with the powerful QBack software for encrypted Windows data backup

Digital contents have become an important part of our daily life nowadays. Most data like our work and records of personal life, e.g. photos are presented in digital form. However, most people only save their data in their desktop or notebook. While there is no other proper backup, once they suffer from virus attack, hard disk crash, or their computers are stolen, all the data will be gone. Further troubles and loss may be induced like personal or company confidences are blabbed.

The most important data for me are business e-mails and work, personal digital photos, and favorite URL links. These files are essential and it would cause terrible influence if they are lost. Therefore, I used to back up the files by USB pen drive and CD-ROM burner. Somehow, these methods are inconvenient. The capacity of the USB pen drive is too small to save large amount of data, and it takes much time to drag and drop the files. CD-ROM burning can be time-consuming too. It takes much effort to search for a certain file from a huge lot of CDs one by one. The good news is, backup is no longer a difficult job when I found QBack-35S!

The New Choice of Automatic File Backup- QNAP QBack-35S

The sleek, titanium black QBack-35S combines simplicity and high performance. The device supports single 3.5” SATA hard drive, USB 2.0 and eSATA high-speed transfer interfaces. QBack-35S is dedicated to users who require highly secure, reliable, and low cost data backup, fast data access, and large storage capacity.
With QBack-35S, users can experience handsfree automatic synchronization backup, AES 256-bit encryption, and e-mail (Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail) backup. The award-winning backup software QBack is enclosed in the package to provide four backup modes.

How to use QBack-35S step by step:

Step 1- Open the package
The package of QBack-35S is really impressive. The main device is designed with stylish metallic housing with USB2.0 and eSATA connectors. The package contents include a power adaptor, USB 2.0 cable, e-SATA cable with bracket for the connection with desktop PC, SATA cable for connection with other e-SATA equipped devices, installation CD, Quick Installation Guide, and a stand.

Step 2- Assemble the QBack-35S hardware
Simply run the CD-ROM in the package, the software will show an illustration to demonstrate how to install a 3.5" hard disk in QBack-35S. The instructions are clear and simple that novice users like me can install the product quickly.

Step 3- Install QBack software
The software installation is even simpler. Follow the instructions to install the software and plug in the assembled QBack-35S to the USB port of the computer, QBack-35S is ready to use.

  • Advanced AES256-bit encryption
    The first time you install QBack software, QBack will partition the drive into two disks: “Public Disk” and “Secure Disk”. You can freely adjust the capacity of both drives.
  • Hidden disk space-Secure Disk
    After the installation completes, you will find two drives partitioned by QBack in “My Computer”. The Secure Disk can only be accessed by authorized password. The Secure Disk will be hidden unless a correct password is entered. Unauthorized users will not be able to access the drive.

    The encrypted Secure Disk supports AES 256-bit encryption technology (AES is the data encryption technology adopted by U.S. FBI with the highest security level). After backing up files to the Secure Disk, the data is safely protected.
    This is a very useful function as I often need to visit the customers and share the presentation files with them. I can now save the sharing information in the Public Disk, and the confidential company and personal data in the Secure Disk. When sharing the public data with the customers, there is no need to fear leakage of the confidential data!
  • Easy to carry
    Furthermore, the installation file of QBack software is saved in the Public Disk after the installation completes. There is no need to carry the installation CD everywhere and the software can be installed to other computers from QBack-35S. This is absolutely convenient!

Step 4- Start to use the professional backup functions of QBack
How to use QBack to back up data easily? It is highly recommended to use “Automatic Backup” and “Instant Backup”.

How to use these functions:

  • Automatic Backup
    Automatic backup is the highlighted function of this product. The backup software QBack will “synchronize” the selected files and back up the exact data to QBack-35S. The whole backup process is automatic and hands-free.
    In my daily work, I save frequently modified files on the “Desktop” and in “My Documents”, so I choose the files in these folders for automatic file backup. When the files or folders are modified or new files are added, QBack will back up the files automatically.
    PS: Automatic backup helps to monitor and execute the backup job for indicated paths in real-time. Those files which are locked by running applications will not be backed up in this mode, e.g. e-mail backup (Outlook and Outlook Express) is provided in other modes, i.e. “Instant Backup” and “Schedule Backup”.
  • Schedule Backup
    You can set daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for QBack to back up selected files and folders. For example, you can configure schedule backup at 10pm every day and let QBack copy the files automatically.
  • Instant Backup
    “Instant Backup” is another powerful function for immediate backup of all selected files. To use this function, go to the Instant Backup page, specify the file paths to back up, select the destination drive, and click the “Start Backup” button.

    Instant backup provides certain data backup which is not supported by automatic backup, e.g. e-mails in Outlook and Outlook Express. I usually run instant backup before meeting or lunch break by pressing the one touch backup button. When I get back, QBack-35S has copied all the data!
  • OTB (One Touch Button) Backup
    There is a smart and convenient design. You can execute “Instant Backup” by simply pressing the button on QBack-35S box. QBack will backup all the files which are selected in instant backup mode.

    PS: “Instant Backup” will be executed when pressing the button on QBack-35S box by default. This function can be disabled in “System>One Touch Button Settings”.

Other Dedicated Design:

  • Easy e-mail backup
    Have you ever thought of backing up e-mails by just one click? When you use QBack, you can select “Outlook” or “Outlook Express” in the “Backup Source”, and click Start Backup. All the mails will be copied to QBack-35S immediately. Data in “My Documents”, “Favorites”, and “Desktop” can also be backed up in the same way.
  • Incremental backup to enhance backup speed
    QBack adopts “Incremental Backup” technology which enables backup of modified files only after the first time backup. When the total file capacity is very large, but the modified part is small, incremental backup is helpful to save the time and effort.

    I tried to back up the drive D. It took some time to do the first backup since the disk size is 20GB. After that, I modified and backed up some files, about a few MB, for the second time, it took about only 1 minute to complete the backup. Incremental backup is really efficient!
  • Guaranteed successful backup
    There are also smart features to ensure successful backup without manual monitoring.
    (1) Pre-calculation of file size and available disk capacity
    QBack will calculate the size of the files to be backed up and the available disk capacity. It provides the details of the file number and size, and will alert users against insufficient storage to ensure continuous and successful backup.

    (2) Ignore the Error and Continue:
    In the traditional way of “copy and paste backup”, the job is usually interrupted by errors, e.g. the files are locked by certain applications or there is timeout in copying large files. It is difficult to finish a complete backup. But now QBack provides a feature that I can choose to let QBack ignore the errors and continue the backup automatically. There is no need to monitor the backup process all the time. QBack will also generate a detailed summary when backup is completed.

    (3) Turn off the computer after backup is finished:
    You can set to shut down the computer automatically after backup completes.
  • File Filter
    To exclude certain files for backup to save time and storage capacity, you can use the “File Filter” function of QBack. You can set rules to skip specific file types. For example, to exclude some temporary files which are named with “~*.*”, you can add the file type in QBack’s File Filter. All the files of this type will be skipped in all the backup jobs.
  • Hidden Files Backup
    QBack can back up all the files including hidden files in your computer. You can right click the files and select Explore / Tools / Folder Options / View / Show Hidden Files and Folders. Then click “Apply”. The hidden files will then be shown in QBack for backup.
    Show hidden files:
    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3
  • Convenient “Instant Restore”
    When the data on your computer is lost or the hard drive is rebuilt, you can use “Instant Restore” function of QBack to restore the data easily. Select the source drive and the correct user and computer, then choose “Restore to original path”, and execute Instant Restore. QBack will restore the data to the original path. Moreover, e-mails and contacts in Outlook and Outlook Express can be restored in the same way. You can use the mail service immediately after restoration. You no longer need to suffer from the complicated procedures of traditional copying and CD burning, or checking the CDs one by one to restore the files.

    PS: All of your backup files (Automatic Backup, Schedule Backup, Instant Backup, and OTB Backup) will be stored in the same folder QBackData in the Public Disk or Secure Disk according to your selection. The folder is named after “Your user name@Your computer name”.


Data backup is an important job which is often ignored by most users. QBack simplifies backup and enables everyone to back up data easily.
The valuable features of QBack include:
(1) Automatic Backup: Automatic synchronization of mirroring backup data in QBack to ensure convenient and secure data backup.
(2) Built-in AES 256-bit data encryption technology: All confidential data in the secure disk is automatically protected with data encryption. Only authorized access is allowed.
(3) Incremental backup technology enables speedy and efficient backup.
(4) Easy backup of e-mails and files in Favorites and My Documents etc.
(5) Instant Backup and Schedule Backup are very comprehensive and easy to use.

The professional design of QBack-35S enables users to enjoy the competitive and excellent backup functions. Give a try to QBack-35S, you will find automatic and secure backup are all at your fingertips!
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