QNAP TS-409 Series vs TS-401T 2008/1/14 Updated
Model Name TS-409 Pro TS-409 TS-401T
Product High Performance, High Reliability, Disaster-Proof NAS for Business All-in-one NAS Server for SOHO and Home Users Business NAS Server
Target Customer Business Users SOHO and Home Users Business Users
CPU Marvell 5281 500MHz Marvell 5281 500MHz VIA C3 800MHz
Flash 8MB 8MB 32MB
Hot-swappable Yes Yes Yes
Smart Fan Yes Yes No
Ethernet GigaLAN x1 GigaLAN x1 GigaLAN x2
USB 2.0 port x3 x3 x2
USB One-Touch-Copy  Yes Yes No
Max Storage (Logical Volume) 4TB 4TB 2TB 
Online RAID Capacity Expansion Yes Yes No
Online RAID Level Migration Yes Yes No
RAID Configuration      
RAID 0 Yes Yes Yes
RAID 1 Yes Yes Yes
RAID 5 Yes Yes Yes
RAID 6 Yes Yes No
RAID 5+spare Yes Yes Yes
Single Yes Yes Yes
JBOD Yes Yes Yes
NFS (Linux client support) Yes No Yes
SMB/CIFS Yes Yes Yes
AFP (for Mac) Yes Yes Yes
Windows AD Service Yes No Yes
Web Server Built-in phpMyAdmin/ MySQL and SQLite (dual support) Built-in phpMyAdmin/ MySQL and SQLite (dual support)  
HTTPS/ SSL Secure Login Yes Yes No
Web File Manager Yes Yes Yes
Remote Replication Yes Yes Yes
Encrypted Remote Replication (over SSH) Yes Yes No
FTP Server Yes Yes Yes
FTP Passive Port Range Setup Yes Yes No
FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption) Yes Yes No
FTP Bandwidth Control Yes Yes No
Backup Server with NetBak Replicator Software (Auto-sync, Schedule, and Instant Backup) Yes Yes Yes
Printer Server Yes (Max. 3 sets) Yes (Max. 3 sets) Yes (1 set)
Multimedia Station with Photo Album Yes Yes No
Authority Control of Albums (Multimedia Station) Yes Yes No
SSH/Telnet Login Yes Yes No (with Telnet version)
Configurable Management Port Yes Yes No (management port=6000)
IP Filter Yes Yes No
UPnP/ DLNA Media Server Twonky UPnP/ DLNA with Internet Radio Twonky UPnP/ DLNA with Internet Radio No
BitTorrent/ FTP/ HTTP Download Station Yes Yes No
QGet Download Remote Control Software Yes Yes No
iTunes Music Server Yes Yes No
Max User Accounts 1024 1024 1024
Max Groups 128 128 128
Max Shared Folder 256 256 256
User Quota Setting Yes Yes Yes
HDD Bad Block Scan Yes Yes No
UPS Support Yes Yes Yes
Network Recycle Bin Yes Yes No
Alert Notification by Email Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic DNS Yes Yes No
Multi-lingual Support 10 10 6
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