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Comparison Table
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Features Hardware Spec. Software Spec. Package Contents Applications Comparison
  • Rapid copy of recording data on QNAP NVR (VioStor & NVR series)
    to the QBack-25 via the USB port of these products
  • Hands-free and real-time automatic file backup (one-way synchronization) through the powerful QBack auto-backup software installed on PC/notebook
  • Multiple choices of backup modes: Auto-Backup, Schedule backup, Instant backup, and One-Touch-Button (OTB) backup
  • Incremental backup feature for all modes, only modified files and newly created files on computer will be backed up to save time
  • Smart detection of backup file size and available storage capacity on the disk to ensure successful backup
  • Optional 2.5" hard disk required: 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB or 160GB
  • Back up all files in computer including all mails in Outlook & Outlook Express, Fonts*, My Documents, My Favorites and Desktop
    *Outlook & Outlook Express mails and Fonts can be backed up in Schedule and Instant backup only
  • Advanced data encryption technology (AES 256-bit) to make sure the backup data is securely protected at all times
  • Anti-Shock design to prevent the HDD from unintentional drop damage
  • Hard disk can be partitioned into 2 disks:
    Public and Secure
    disk by Quick Install Wizard
  • USB 2.0 interface for faster backup file transfer
Key Benefits of QBack-25



  • Enable front video backup button (VioStor & NVR series)
    By connecting QBack-25 to the QNAP NVR via the USB2.0 interfaces, users can set the number of days on NVR that the latest recordings should be backed up. If 3 days are entered, the recordings of today, yesterday and the day before yesterday will be backed up. Connect QBack-25 to the front USB port of NVR. Press the Backup button on NVR. The recording data on NVR will start to be copied to the QBack-25 instantly. If the QBack-25 is recognized, the USB LED glows in blue. The USB LED will blink in blue when the data is being copied. The LED will become blue again when data copy is finished. You can then safely remove the device.

For PC

  • Multiple Backup Modes - 4 backup modes to choose from:
    1. Auto-Backup: Auto Backup function enables the backup of specified files and folders on your computer automatically. After a one-time setup, simply connect the QBack-25 to your PC/notebook and the QBack-25 will back up files when you update the files or create new files in the selected folders. Auto-Backup is hands-free and real-time synchronization!
    2. Schedule Backup: Schedule Backup backs up specified files and folders in your computer periodically. After setting backup frequency and time, simply connect the QBack-25 to your PC/notebook and it will backup modified and newly created files according to your requirements.
    3. Instant Backup: Instant Backup backs up files and folders when you click the instant backup icon.
    4. One-Touch-Button Backup (OTB): The One-Touch-Button on top of the QBack-25's cover enables the backup function by simply pressing it anytime after the initial software configuration.
  • Incremental Backup to Reduce Waiting Time: Incremental backup feature works well under all QBack-25's backup modes. Normal backup is often incomplete because of the long wait times. With the incremental backup feature, QBack-25 can memorize the files which already exist. Only modified and newly created files will be backed up which significantly reduces effort and time. Usually it takes about 30 minutes to transfer 20GB data from a PC/notebook to a USB 2.0 backup device, 50 minutes for 30GB data, and over one hour for 40GB data. With the support of incremental backup feature, it takes less 2 minutes for the same 20GB data. 3 minutes for the same 30GB data, 4 minutes for 40GB data transfer.
  • Email Backup and Other Application Data Backup:
    One of the important features of QBack-25 is the backup of Outlook & Outlook Express e-mails. Simply click the Outlook or Outlook Express folders using the QBack software and all your email files will be backed up easily without any hassle. This applies to any other application data in My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, and Fonts as well.
  • Most Secure AES 256-bit Data Encryption and Anti-Shock Design: 1. AES 256-bit Data Encryption: Adopts advanced data encryption standard (AES) used by the FBI. The 256-bit encryption key will securely protect your data. If the QBack-25 is lost or stolen, data is still protected by the advanced encryption technology (AES 256-bit). There is no need to worry about confidential data being released to anyone.
    2. Anti-Shock Design: The unintentional dropping or shaking of your notebook often induces HDD damage and destroys all files. This happens to other HDD backup devices as well. QNAP's anti-shock design has been specially geared to prevent QBack-25 HDD from potential damage due to drops and other shocks from impact. The PCB bubble and shockproof pads on four corners will extend product life.
  • Faster Data Transfer Rate:
    The backup data is transferred from PC/notebook to QBack-25 through USB 2.0 interface to save backup time.
  • Simple to Install/Easy-to-Use: The QBack backup utility software is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Simple to install and easy-to-use.
  • No Additional Power Cords: Power for the QBack-25 is supported by the USB 2.0 port on the PC/notebook. No additional power cord is required.
  • Optional 2.5" Hard Disk of Your Choice: The 2.5" hard disk is not included in the standard package of the QBack-25. Users can either use an existing disk or purchase various hard disks available ranging from 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB, to 160GB depending on their need.
QBack-25 supports outstanding features below:
  • Unique One touch Auto Video Backup function for QNAP NVR (VioStor & NVR series).
  • Powerful Backup Functions Easy-to-install.
  • Smart capacity detection of backup file size can detect the capacity of total files selected and capacity left in QBack-25, and match each other to prevent the awkward situation of insufficient capacity during backup.
  • Ignore errors and automatic shutdown supports ignore errors during backup and automatic shutdown after backup completes. Errors are recorded in event logs for reference.
  • Secure disk management can remove and open Secure disk anytime. Files saved in Secure disk will be encrypted automatically using AES 256-bit.
  • Q-Filter is a file filter technology to let user select file types to be excluded from backup.
  • Event management Clear event logs. Events logs can be saved separately.
  • Q-Mail Archiving can intelligently find and backup all Outlook and Outlook Express mails. There is no need for user to find the mail files by themselves.
QBack-25 Comparison Table
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