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QBack-35SQNAP QBack-35S Intelligent HAB (Hands-Free Auto Backup) Storage Enclosure is an intelligent encrypted data backup device especially designed for personal users who have a high demand for secure data protection. QBack-35S is a 3.5" single SATA drive external enclosure which is compatible with major hard disk drive brands. It supports up to 2TB capacity, USB 2.0, and eSATA high-speed data transfer.

QBack-35S can be applied as storage expansion for QNAP NVR (VS-101 & NVR series) by formatting the drive on QBack-35 via the eSATA port of these products. Users can enjoy large volume expansion as well as high-speed data transfer via the eSATA connection of QBack-35S.

QBack-35S delivers simplicity and stability with stylish design. The eye-catching black titanium case can be placed vertically on the stands provided to minimize the space occupied.

You could do direct copy of recording data on QNAP NVR (VioStor & NVR series) to the QBack-35S via the USB port of these products. You can set the number of days that the video is recorded to copy to the device. Press the One Touch Auto Video Backup button on QNAP NVR (VioStor & NVR series), and the recording data on NVR would be copied to the QBack-35S rapidly.

Moreover, QBack-35S provides the award-winning backup software QBack. It is a powerful utility for PC that supports automatic encrypted data backup. By installing QBack and connecting the QBack-35S device to the PC via the USB 2.0 interface, Windows users can use the powerful backup functions. The exclusive backup technology supports handsfree and real-time automatic file backup, AES 256-bit data encryption, and e-mail backup. Four backup modes are provided including auto-sync backup, instant backup, one-touch-button backup, and schedule backup. Incremental backup technology is supported for speedy and reliable performance.

*Note: The QBack device must be connected to the computer via USB connection for the first time installation.


Key Benefits of QBack-35S


  • Storage expansion (VS-101 & NVR series)
    By connecting QBack-35S to the QNAP NVR via the eSATA interfaces, users can format the drive as EXT3 format and expand the storage capacity of their NVR.
    (Note: When QBack-35S is formatted by QNAP NVR for capacity expansion, the drive is formatted as EXT3. When the drive is formatted by QBack, the format is NTFS.)
  • Enable front video backup button (VioStor & NVR series)
    By connecting QBack-35S to the QNAP NVR via the USB2.0 interfaces, users can set the number of days on NVR that the latest recordings should be backed up. If 3 days are entered, the recordings of today, yesterday and the day before yesterday will be backed up. Connect QBack-35S to the front USB port of NVR. Press the Backup button on NVR. The recording data on NVR will start to be copied to the QBack-35S instantly. If the QBack-35S is recognized, the USB LED glows in blue. The USB LED will blink in blue when the data is being copied. The LED will become blue again when data copy is finished. You can then safely remove the device.

For PC

  • Handsfree, automatic data synchronization
    After a one-time configuration, simply connect QBack-35S to the computer via the USB 2.0 interface anytime, the selected data will be automatically backed up to the device. There are no more hassles of traditional backup which requires manual file selection, dragging and dropping. QBack realizes true handsfree, real-time and efficient backup.
  • Multiple backup modes
    In addition to the unique auto-sync backup, one touch backup is supported. Users can back up data immediately by simply pressing the one touch button on the device. QBack also provides instant and schedule backup modes. Schedule backup enables automatic data backup according to the schedule defined by users.
  • Incremental backup technology for speedy backup
    Most users are reluctant to back up data frequently since the file size is too large that takes hours to complete the task. This induces high risk of potential data loss or the backup data can be dated. To make backup more efficient and speedier, QNAP adopts incremental backup technology. After the first-time complete data backup, QBack will only back up the newly added and modified files in the next backup tasks to largely save the backup time.
  • Novice can back up e-mail data, the most secure data encryption
    It is often difficult for novices to back up e-mails since the directory is too complicated. QBack can identify the directories of Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail in Vista and display them on the user-friendly software interface for users’ easy selection and backup. Data in the folders Favorites, Desktop, and Fonts can also be backed up in the same way.
  • Secure data encryption
    Users can partition the drive of QBack-35S to public and secure disks when installing QBack. All the critical data saved in the secure disk is protected by the AES 256-bit encryption. The secure disk can only be accessed by an authorized password to guarantee enhanced data protection.
  • Guaranteed backup
    QBack calculates the size of the files to be backed up and the available disk capacity. It provides the details of the file number and size, and will alert users against insufficient storage to ensure continuous and successful backup. QBack also provides the feature for users to ignore the errors and continue the backup automatically. There is no need to monitor the backup process all the time.

QBack-35S supports outstanding features below:

  • Large storage expansion for QNAP NVR (VS-101 & NVR series).
  • Unique One touch Auto Video Backup function for QNAP NVR (VioStor & NVR series).
  • Automatic file backup (one-way synchronization) through the powerful QBack auto-backup software installed on PC/notebook.
  • Multiple choices of backup modes for PC:
    1. Auto-Backup (one-way synchronization)
    2. Schedule backup
    3. Instant backup
    4. One-Touch-Button (OTB) backup (For QBack Software with USB connection only)
  • Incremental backup feature for all modes, only modified files and newly created files on computer will be backed up to save time.
  • Smart detection of backup file size and available storage capacity on the disk to ensure successful backup.
  • Backup all files in computer including all mails in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail (for Vista), My Documents, Favorites, Fonts, and Desktop.
  • Advanced data encryption technology (AES 256-bit) to make sure the backup data is securely protected at all times.
  • Hard disk can be partitioned into 2 disks: Public and Secure disks by Quick Install Wizard.
  • USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for faster backup file transfer rate.
  • Support 3.5" SATA HDD up to 2TB (not included).
  • Support Windows Vista (32-bit)/ XP/ 2000/ Server 2003.
  • Convenient data restore to original paths.
  • Multilingual support: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russia.
QBack-35S Comparison Table
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