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Homepage > Products > VMobile (for Android Mobile Device)
VMobile (for Android Mobile Device)

VMobile is a mobile video surveillance application provided by QNAP for remote and wireless monitoring of IP cameras and video playback by connecting to VioStor NVR through your Android phone. As long as you have network access, you can connect to and manage your video surveillance system anytime, anywhere.

VMobile supports monitoring of unlimited servers/channels from hundreds of network cameras of different brands by simple connecting to any available VioStor NVR on the network. The application supports advanced monitoring features, such as adjustable display mode, PTZ and preset position control, instant notification of alarm events, and snapshot. You can also playback the recording data from different monitoring channels and by different alarm events.

With improved user interfaces, profile management for monitoring views, shared button for instant event responses, support for quick search and multi-stream options for live view, the new version (VMobile 2.0 or later version) is very easy to use and runs brilliantly for surveillance management.

VMobile can be installed on Android mobile devices (Android version 4.0.4 or later) but is required to use with a VioStor NVR server running V4.0.3 management software or later versions.

Powerful Features of VMobile:

  • Overview for first-time installation
  • NVR auto-search within LAN
  • Profile management
  • Unlimited number of monitoring servers and channels
  • Diversified monitoring modes
  • Live view with multi-stream selections
  • PTZ control and preset position control of PTZ & speed dome cameras
  • Instant sharing of snapshots through other apps
  • Instant event notification
  • Video search by date & time
  • Video playback from VioStor NVR

Easy Configuration and Management

Trouble-free Installation
Download VMobile from Google Play now and install it on your Android mobile devices.

Intuitive User Interface
All monitoring, playback, and program settings can be completed on the interface of the Android mobile devices.

Overview for First-time Installation
On VMobile, the newly designed guiding pages will be presented if no servers have been added. Through instructions and descriptions provided onscreen, users can easily learn about VMobile and its key features.






NVR Auto-search within LAN
VMobile automatically searches for available VioStor NVRs within a LAN. So, users do not need to memorize IP addresses of the NVR units.






Profile Management
You can create multiple profiles, with each containing different sets of VioStor NVRs and IP cameras. This greatly enhances your flexibility switching between different monitoring views as you quickly select a desired profile from the profile list.




Unlimited Number of Monitoring Servers and Channels
With VMobile, you can add multiple VioStor NVRs to monitor a large number of channels from Android mobile devices.

Remote Monitoring

Diversified Monitoring Modes

  • 1/2/3/4/6/8/9-channel display mode
  • Sequential display mode

Video Monitoring from VioStor NVR
You can use VMobile to connect to all available VioStor NVR servers and monitor the network cameras of different brands.

Live View with Multi-stream Selections
Choose from multiple stream formats and view high resolution videos using your mobile devices (please note that this depends on camera models.)
Note: For most mobile devices, it is strongly recommended to choose the resolution lower than Full HD for video streams (please refer to the user manual of your mobile device to decide if HD resolution is right for you.)

PTZ Control of PTZ & Speed Dome Cameras
VMobile enables you to adjust the PTZ cameras directly on your Android phone.

Preset Position Control
You can view different preset positions of the IP cameras on the monitoring page.

Instant Event Notification
VMobile supports multiple alarm notification, such as ring, and vibration.




Instant Sharing of Snapshots through Other Apps
The newly added share button is designed for rapid event notification or social sharing when incidents or interesting events occur. During live-view, you can click this button to notify security guards via email or SMS. Alternatively, you may also share snapshots of interesting events on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or through apps such as Whatsapp or Line.





Quick Search for IP Cameras
You can quickly locate a specific IP camera using its name and check its live view.

Remote Playback

Video Search by Date and Time
VMobile supports quick search of recording data by date and time.

Video Playback
VMobile supports playback of the recording data from different monitoring channels.






Event Logs

Search Event Logs by Date and Time
VMobile supports quick search of surveillance event logs by date and time.

Event Playback
With VMobile, you can play back a specific event by clicking on the log of that event (only if that recording files are available.)

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