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TS-409U Turbo NAS (Network Video Recorder)
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The biggest challenge for IT managers today is to find a reliable centralized storage solution which is able to provide highly stable file storage and sharing. It is also important to set up a solid data backup system to protect the valuable digital assets against the risk of data loss. QNAP TS-409U Turbo NAS offers the most reliable solution with these powerful features and provides value-added benefits by minimizing the maintenance cost for IT departments of modern business.

High performance and advanced RAID redundancy
QNAP TS-409U is a 1U, 4-bay, hot-swappable All-in-one NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server. With the best price performance ratio, it is specifically designed for users who need fast performance, mass storage, and useful server features. TS-409U is a powerful Linux-embedded system with 500MHz SoC CPU and 512MB large-sized DDRII memory. It enables major business applications including storing, backing up, sharing, and archiving critical information. Advanced RAID configurations for non-stop service are also supported. RAID 5 is a widely adopted configuration for highly economic data protection that allows one drive failure with the system running. RAID 6 allows the failure of maximum two drives to offer business users more advanced data protection.

Multi-functional All-in-one NAS Server
TS-409U supports multiple file sharing protocols for users to share files across Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows platforms. Abundant valuable server functions such as File Server, FTP Server, and Printer Server are available. Also, Windows AD (Active Directory) is supported to help create an easy-to-access environment and lower the maintenance cost. With the dual support of MySQL and SQLite, SMB & SOHO users can easily set up their own web and database servers. Moreover, users can make use of the encrypted remote replication and backup to external devices features for extra data protection. Various data storage and management mechanisms- FTP server with SSL/TLS encrypted technology, SSH login, and web page SSL login are also provided for secure data transfer and access.

A solution for present and future
The flexible Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration features lower the total cost of ownership. Online RAID Capacity Expansion allows the administrators to select the most cost-effective hard drives for initial server setup and upgrade to larger ones in the future. All the stored data will be kept and seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives without turning off the server. Online RAID Level Migration allows the administrators to start from one drive and add more to upgrade the RAID level in the future with the data retained.

Easy setup and low maintenance cost
TS-409U adopts power-saving design which is excellent for long-term operation. Meanwhile, TS-409U supports hot-swapping. When a hard drive of a RAID configuration fails, the administrator can hot swap the failed drive with a new one without turning off the server to ensure non-stop services. The maintenance cost and effort are also minimized. Besides, the HDD S.M.A.R.T. is supported. The administrator can check the health of the hard drives and take appropriate action when unhealthy drives are found to prevent potential physical drive failure. The comprehensive log system of TS-409U summarizes the data access records and connection status. Alert emails can be sent to the administrator immediately when an error or a warning occurs.

Brand new user Interface available

High Performance, High Reliability, Disaster-proof NAS for Business

Advanced RAID Management with Hot-swap Design
TS-409U supports RAID 1/ 5/ 6 and hot-swap design. When a drive fails in the RAID configuration, you can replace the drive by hot swapping. The intelligent data rebuilding features allow users to the new drive without suffering from any system downtime.

Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration
TS-409U supports online RAID capacity expansion and online RAID level migration.

Online RAID Capacity Expansion allows users to select the most cost-effective hard drives for initial server setup and upgrade to larger ones in the future. All the stored data will be kept and seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.

Online RAID Level Migration allows users to start from one drive firstly and add more drive members to upgrade the RAID level in the future with the data retained. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.

S.M.A.R.T & Advanced HDD Health Scanning (HHS)
TS-409U supports Hard Disk Drive S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) which enables users to monitor the status of hard disk drive and check the potential problems. This tool helps to prevent the unexpected failure of hard disk and avoid critical data loss. Moreover, TS-409U is embedded with HHS Technology for disk checking and bad blocks scanning.

Comprehensive Event Log System
Logs of connections to TS-409U via samba, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, and networking services accessed by online users are all recorded.

The Most Complete Backup Solutions
The intelligent automatic backup software, NetBak Replicator, is provided for users to perform real-time synchronization or schedule backup from multiple Windows PCs to TS-409U.The data in TS-409U can also be backed up to external FAT format hard drive. TS-409U works well with other backup software, e.g. Acronis True Image, CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup, and EMC Retrospect.

Support Windows AD
With Windows AD (Active Directory) support, you can import the user accounts from Windows AD domain to the NAS. This saves your time to create users one by one.

Sharing files across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix
TS-409U is specially designed for different users to share the files across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix environment.
Secure data storage, access, and sharing

  • Data stored on TS-409U is well protected: You can create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota of each user.
  • IP filter control: You can allow or deny specified IP connections to TS-409U.
  • SSL Security (HTTPS): TS-409U can be accessed and configured by web browser securely.
  • Remote login your TS-409U by SSH (secure shell) or Telnet connection.
  • Secure FTP: Share and transfer your data over SSL/TLS (Explicit) encryption. Passive FTP port range setup is also supported.
  • Smart FTP policy control: The maximum number of all FTP connections and a single account can be configured.
  • Encrypted remote replication: Data on TS-409U can be backed up to another QNAP NAS over the Internet securely.
File Server
The principal purpose of file server is for data storage and sharing. Data security and access management are the major concerns of most users. TS-409U allows server manager to create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user. Thus, personal data stored on TS-409U is well protected.
FTP Server
You can set up your own FTP server by TS-409U, manage the access authority of the FTP server and share your files with your friends or customers easily in a few steps.
Encrypted Remote Replication
Encrypted remote replication provides high level of data protection. Files can be backed up from TS-409U to other QNAP NAS in remote locations. Advanced options including data compression, block-level incremental backup, and data synchronization are supported to optimize the bandwidth and time for data backup.
Web Server with Built-in phpMyAdmin
The NAS supports phpMyAdmin, Joomla!, MySQL and SQLite for you to create your web page. With the editable php.ini support, there is no need of going through all the hassles of setting up a web server. You can either develop programs by yourself or download a variety of open-sourced applications, such as online shops, forums, and blogs over the Internet.
MySQL Server
TS-409U is the most affordable choice as a standalone database server for system integrators. It can be flexibly applied in various deployments such as a database server of another web server in remote site or as an additional backup database server to achieve system redundancy.
Printer Server
You can share your printer device over the network by simply connecting USB printers to USB ports of the NAS and enabling the printer sharing function. 3 printers are supported at maximum.

Surveillance Station
The Surveillance Station enables users to configure and connect two IP cameras simultaneously and remotely manage the functions, including real time monitoring, recording, and playback by IE browser over the Internet. Users can flexibly define the recording settings: continuous recording, motion-detection recording, and schedule recording according to their security plan. All the files are stored in AVI format with time stamp, users can easily search and play the files by Windows Media Player.

The most comprehensive support for numerous brands of IP cameras
The Surveillance Station of QNAP NAS supports all the leading network camera brands such as AXIS, D-Link, IPUX, LevelOne, Linksys, Panasonic and Vivotek etc. By using particular models, users can use two-way video and audio monitoring and recording, and smart PTZ control to control the monitoring direction via the web interface. Each of the supported cameras has been put through stringent tests with the NAS series in QNAP's laboratory to guarantee 100% compatibility and reliability with all these camera brands.

Software expansion via QPKG Center
The QPKG software package platform enables the users to maximize the usage of Turbo NAS by installing additional software packages developed by the users and community worldwide. This can be done by simple "download & install" clicking without going through any complicated process.

UPS Support
The key function of UPS is to provide power for the server for a period of time when a power failure occurs. The NAS supports both APC and MGE UPS devices which help users store the data in time and avoid critical data loss when power outage occurs during data transfer.

Share Folder Management
You can select to show or hide the network share folders of NAS on My Network Places.

One touch USB auto copy
You can connect a USB device such as digital camera to the front panel USB port, and press the one touch button to copy data from the device to the NAS. You can also configure the settings on NAS and select to copy the data from NAS to the external device by pressing the one touch button.

Web File Manager
TS-409U provides Web File Manager for you to easily download, upload, and manage the files on the server by web browser.

Network Recycle Bin
The files deleted from the network shares of the NAS will be moved to a particular recycle bin folder. You can restore your data anytime in case of unintended file deletion.

Built-in DDNS support
The NAS supports dynamic DNS (DDNS). You can register a unique domain name from a DDNS service provider and assign it to your NAS. There is no more need to remember a lengthy IP address!

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