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NVR-1012 (Network Video Recorder)
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The NVR-101 is an instant surveillance system providing professional grade live video recording and real-time remote monitoring/playback service. The complete system is built-on the Linux OS for its proven superb performance yet power-saving feature. In order to simplify the installation process and enable user to activate the home surveillance system in seconds, QNAP has launched NVR-1012 which includes an NVR-101 and two value-plus IP surveillance cameras.

All the system configuration and recording/monitoring functions of the NVR are carried out through Internet Explorer and absolutely no complicated software installation is ever required. Besides the built-in Ethernet connection these cameras also provide a great alternative for home users to connect wirelessly!

What's more, the state-of-the-art 2-way communication system supports synchronized video and audio monitoring and recording. You can speak directly for the instant conversation or even use the camera to perform voice-broadcast. The real-time remote monitoring service that is viewable on IE browser can now even stream the live video to any 3GPP-enabled handset.

The unique infrared designed on the camera is enabled automatically during the night time to ensure continuous recording and monitoring together with the intelligent motion detection feature that if a moving object is detected, direct recording will be triggered and an alert email is sent at the same time to assure you of fast, efficient alarm notification. Moreover, precious timestamp is embedded on every single recording for easy video navigation and playback. You can also use it as an evidence for police investigation! The NVR-1012 is the new generation digital surveillance solution which provides immediate effective protection yet affordable and it is perfect for home and office.

Live real-time monitoring

Electronic map for easy preview
Electronic map (E-map) can be uploaded for ease of identification of monitoring locations.
Variety live video monitoring
Single-channel, multi-channel (max. 4 channels), and picture-in-picture monitoring modes are supported for flexible and key-location monitoring.
Supports live 2-way audio
Real-time audio and video monitoring, voice broadcasting.

Instant alarm, in case any accident should happen

Instant on-screen alert and e-mail alert

Instant alarm signal will appear on the monitoring screen to alert users.
Alert e-mails will be sent to administrator immediately when a system error or emergent event takes place.

Various alarm type to capture

Motion detection
Recording is triggered when a moving object is detected by the camera.
Alarm schedule recording
Different recording modes can be defined for different time periods, e.g. alarm recording at daytime and continuous recording at night time.

Powerful system functions and data protection

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) supported for continuous services against interruption or risk of data crash caused by power outage.
Video data can be exported to an external storage device via the one-touch copy button for ease of archiving. *It is suggested to use USB backup devices, e.g. QBack-25S, QBack-35S.
When the power resumes after a power outage, PC-based recording solution will not be started up automatically and recording is stopped. QNAP NVR supports automatic system startup and recording is enabled immediately after power resumes. The system maintenance cost is largely reduced.
Supports advanced RAID1 mirroring for ultra secure data protection by connecting to an external eSATA device, e.g. QBack-35S.

Most complete recording functions

All-in-one recording modes

  • Continuous/ Schedule/ Manual recording
  • Alarm schedule recording (by motion detected or sensor triggered)
  • Synchronized audio recording
With scheduled recording, users can set different recording schedules for different cameras. Up to 15 schedules are supported for each camera. Manual recording allows users to activate recording in any necessary conditions. The NVR-101 also provides alarm recording that starts automatically when motion detection or camera sensor is triggered.
Standard video recording format with Time Stamp
The recordings are saved in AVI format (codec provided) for easy playing by Windows Media Player. Time stamp on the video is provided for convenient data search and can be used as legal evidence.
Flexible adjustment of the length of recording files
User can adjust the length of the recording files flexibly (1-15 minutes).

Trouble-free setup and effortless maintenance

Easy 6-step Setup
Quick installation wizard is provided for users to finish system setup in 6 steps within 5 minutes. Intuitive web-based interface is provided for easy configuration.

Manage and access recordings remotely
Recording data can be retrieved securely and remotely via web, FTP, and My Network Places with login access control.

Environment-friendly and energy-saving design

The normal power consumption of the NVR in operation is less than 18W (less than the power
consumption of an energy-saving light bulb).

The low-noise fan design allows long-term and quiet operation at home or in office.

Other advanced features

The following advanced features are not available for NVR-1012 kit (ICS-1013 camera). To find out the camera brands that work well with NVR-101 to provide the above functions, please see here.

Smart PTZ camera control by direct clicking on the control panel
You can zoom in/ zoom out and control camera's direction by the "click and go" intuitive control panel. Preset positions can be easily and precisely controlled.
Sensor-triggered alarm
The NVR can receive any alarm signals from the cameras specified by the users, e.g., when a door or window is opened, or smoke is detected, recording will be activated automatically.

Advantages of the IP Camera (ICS-1013)

  • Simultaneous 3GPP, MPEG4, MJPEG streaming
    The IP camera supports triple concurrent streaming (3GPP, MPEG4, MJPEG) and remote monitoring via 3G handsets.
  • Auto day & night function
    Infrared is automatically enabled to monitor and record images within 5 meters from the camera at night.
  • 2-way audio support
    Audio monitoring and recording, two-way communication, and voice broadcast from the camera are supported.
  • Wireless network camera, easy to deploy
    The IP cameras can be set up wirelessly. No complicated wiring or installation is required.

Optional Accessories

To purchase extra USB backup devices (QBack-25S), please contact your dealer or distributor.

QBack-25S IP Camera ICS-1013
2.5" SATA USB Device Wireless IP Camera

Functions supported by QNAP NVR-101 corresponding to the IP camera models

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