Start Your IP Surveillance
Easier than Ever

Innovative one-click auto-configuration

System initialization and network switch control

Qstart simplifies system initialization and network switch control for users to experience effortless NVR installation and remote maintenance. While providing a quick system initialization in few clicks, Qstart integrates major functions of PoE switches and can set up IP cameras automatically. Users can easily manage PoE or network on/off and monitor devices status and network traffic flow. Qstart saves time and effort while providing a refreshing video surveillance user experience.

Innovative one-click automatic configuration

Qstart simplifies system initialization by automatically assigning default settings with a single click. At the same time, the quick setup page includes both basic and useful information for the VioStor NVR and surveillance devices connected to the network switch. Qstartmakes your IP surveillance system more efficient and even easier than ever.


Intuitive channel mapping, auto port detection

Qstartalso features effective and straight-forwardport detection to the switch. The auto detection not only shows the direct linkage from switch ports to live view display but automatically completes all of the settings whenever there is any change to the port connection. The intuitive channel mapping enhancesthe timely response to network malfunctions or transmission failures and refers to the traditional yet easy to understand DVR display design.With Qstart, IT administratorscan precisely clarify which port or IP camera is down when a channel blacks out and process troubleshooting accordingly.


Network topology & device control UI

By integrating supported switches, Qstart provides comprehensive network topology and a device list for users to fully manage network health and device status. Qstart integrates the major functions of PoE switches so users can easily carry out troubleshooting, manage PoE status and monitor traffic flow from the VioStor QVR 5.1 software. The intuitive GUI allows for precise failure detection and efficient troubleshooting.

Supported NVR

Compatible with Qstart by QVR 5.0.3 installed

VS-2104 Pro+
VS-2104 Pro+
VS-2108 Pro+
VS-2108 Pro+
VS-2112 Pro+
VS-2112 Pro+
VS-4108 Pro+
VS-4108 Pro+
VS-4112 Pro+
VS-4112 Pro+
VS-4116 Pro+
VS-4116 Pro+
VS-6112 Pro+
VS-6112 Pro+
VS-6116 Pro+
VS-6116 Pro+
VS-6120 Pro+
VS-6120 Pro+

Compatible Switch

Model FW Version
PSG-6010VM 101140715
PSG-6018VM 101140715
PSG-7026VM 101140715
Model FW Version
EX76402 1.94.2-beta5
EX24402 1.94.2-beta5
Model FW Version
GS2210-24HP V4.10 (AANE.3)
GS2210-8HP V4.10(AASQ.0)

Compatible IP Camera

Model FW Version
M1143-L supported by design
M3004 supported by design
M3026 supported by design
M5014-V supported by design
P1204 5.40.12
P1214 5.40.12
P1214-E 5.40.12
P1353 supported by design
P3353 Supported by design
P3363(-V/-VE) supported by design
P3364(-V/-VE) v1.03.02
P3384-V/-VE 5.40.11
P5414 supported by design
P5415-E ver.
P8513 5.21
P8514 5.21
Q1614(-E) ver.
Q1765(-E) 5.55.1
Q1922(-E) 5.25.3
Q1931(-E) ver. 5.55.4
Q6042 Supported by design
Q6044 Supported by design
Q6045 Supported by design
Model FW Version
B21 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
B25 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
B27 A1D-500-V6.03.08-AC
B41 A1D-500-V6.03.09-AC
B45 A1D-500-V6.03.10-AC
B47 A1D-500-V6.03.11-AC
B51 A1D-500-V6.03.12-AC
B53 A1D-500-V6.03.13-AC
B54 A1D-500-V6.03.14-AC
B55 A1D-500-V6.03.15-AC
B56 A1D-500-V6.03.16-AC
B61 A1D-500-V6.03.17-AC
B65 A1D-500-V6.03.18-AC
B67 A1D-500-V6.03.19-AC
B81 A1D-500-V6.03.20-AC
B85 A1D-500-V6.03.21-AC
B87 A1D-500-V6.03.22-AC
B92 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
B93 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
B94 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
B95 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
B96 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
B97 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
D11 A1D-500-V6.01.03-AC
D12 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D21 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D22 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D31 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D32 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D41 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D51 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D52 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D54 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D55 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D61 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D62 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
D64 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D65 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D71 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D72 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D81 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D82 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D91 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
D92 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E11 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E12 supported by design
E13 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E21 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E22 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E23 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E24 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E25 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E270 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E271 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E31 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E32 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E33 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E34 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E37 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E41 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E43 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E44 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E45 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E46 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E47 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E51 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E52 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E53 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E54 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E57 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E58 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E59 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E61 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E610 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E62 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E63 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E64 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E65 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E66 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E67 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E68 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E69 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E71 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E72 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E73 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E74 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E75 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E76 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E77 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E81 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E82 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E83 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E84 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E85 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E86 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E88 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E89 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E91 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E919 A1D-500-V6.07.23-AC
E92 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E923M A1D-500-V6.07.10-AC
E93 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E94 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
E95 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
E96 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
E97 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
I71 A1D-500-V6.07.10-AC
I91 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
I92 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
I93 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
I94 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
I95 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
I96 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
KCM-5511 A1D-311-V5.08.06-AC
KCM-5611 A1D-311-V5.10.02-AC
KCM-7911 A1D-311-V5.06.01-AC
KCM-8111 A1D-311-V5.09.04-AC
KCM-8211 A1D-311-V5.09.04-AC
TCM-6630 A1D-310-V4.12.02-AC
Model FW Version
SNC-CX600 1.9.0
SNC-CX600W 1.9.0
SNC-DH210 1.82.01
SNC-EB600 1.9.0
SNC-EB600B 1.9.0
SNC-EB632R 2.1.2
SNC-EM600 1.6.0
SNC-EM601 1.6.0
SNC-EM602R 1.6.0
SNC-EM630 1.6.0
SNC-EP550 1.70.00
SNC-ER550 1.70.00
SNC-HM662 1.1.1
SNC-VB600 1.3.0
SNC-VB600B 1.3.0
SNC-VB630 1.3.0
SNC-VM600 1.3.0
SNC-VM600B 1.3.0
SNC-VM601 1.3.0
SNC-VM601B 1.3.0
SNC-VM630 1.3.0
SNC-VM631 1.3.0
SNC-VM632R 1.8.0
SNC-WR630 1.10.0
SNC-XM632 1.12.0
SNC-ZB550 1.72.01
SNC-ZM550 1.72.01
SNC-ZP550 1.76.00
Model FW Version
BB-ST162 1:1.43 2:1.03
BB-ST165 supported by design
BB-SW172 supported by design
BB-SW174 supported by design
BL-VP101 suported by design
BL-VP104 suported by design
BL-VT164 suported by design
DG/WV-SC384 supported by design
DG/WV-SC386 supported by design
DG/WV-SC588 1.9
WV-SF138 1.52
DG/WV-SF332 supported by design
DG/WV-SF342 supported by design
DG/WV-SF346 1.04
DG/WV-SF438 supported by design
DG/WV-SF538 supported by design
DG/WV-SF539 supported by design
DG/WV-SF548 supported by design
DG/WV-SF549 supported by design
DG/WV-SP105 V.2.01
DG/WV-SP302 supported by design
DG/WV-SP508 1 Application : 1.07,2 Image data : 2.11
DG/WV-SP509 1:1.06 2:2.08
DG/WV-ST162 supported by design
DG/WV-ST165 supported by design
DG/WV-SW155 supported by design
DG/WV-SW158 1.04
DG/WV-SW172 supported by design
DG/WV-SW174 supported by design
DG/WV-SW314 supported by design
DG/WV-SW316 1:1.46 2:2.03
DG/WV-SW352 supported by design
DG/WV-SW558 supported by design
DG/WV-SW559 supported by design
Model FW Version
BD5115 supported by design
CC8130 v0100c
FD8131 v0100a
FD8131V 0300d
FD8134(V) 0301c
FD8135H 0101a
FD8136 0100e
FD8137H(V) 0101a
FD8151V 0103a
FD8163(V) 0101b
FD8164(V) 0100d
FD8166 0100g
FD8171 0101e
FD8355EHV 0100e
FD8365EHV 0101i
FD8363 0101b
FD8371EV 0100i
FD8372 0100f
FE8172 0100d
FE8173 0100c
FE8174 0100a
IP8130 0100b
IP8131W 0100e
IP8152-F(4) 0100e
IP8172 0100d
IP8332C 0200c
IP8336W 0102B
IP8337H-C 0101a
IP8355EH 0100b
IP8361 0100c
IP8364C 0100d
IP8371-E 0100g
IP8372 0100e
MD8531H 0101h
FE8181 0100h
IP8173H 0100i
PD8136 0100e
PT7135/ 0400a
SD8314E 0200c
SD8316E 0200c
SD8324E 0200c
SD8326E 0200c
SD8363E 0200d
Model FW Version
SHANY SNC-WDL21343MX AgWT8130035N20 V32 1412262E
SHANY SNC-WDL2132M AgWT8130104N20 V32 1412262E