QNAP Surveillance Station provides an ideal network surveillance solution for various environments including residential, commercial, industrial, public sector, and more. See how the Surveillance Station can help you safeguard your assets and property.


Campus safety & security is focusing on students, school staff, and important facilities.


With hundreds of cameras needed for monitoring buildings, offices, dormitories, gyms and other areas, planning a video surveillance system for a campus can be a challenging task. A QNAP NVR is the ideal network surveillance solution for campuses as it enables simultaneous monitoring of hundreds of cameras scattered across different locations. Security staff can monitor every camera from a remote security center efficiently via the well-designed NVR management interface.


  • Every surveillance system within different buildings can be integrated for central monitoring.
  • Alerts will be immediately delivered to security staff. They can then refer to the E-map to identify where the event has taken place.
  • All major IP camera brands are supported and can be collectively managed by the NVR.
  • Different access rights can be assigned to different user groups for secure system access.
  • Low-cost installation and efficient management.
  • Camera footage can be securely accessed from anywhere over the Internet.