QNAP Surveillance Station provides an ideal network surveillance solution for various environments including residential, commercial, industrial, public sector, and more. See how the Surveillance Station can help you safeguard your assets and property.


A dependable video surveillance system can effectively reduce workplace incidents


Video surveillance is indispensable in factories and manufacturing sites where high security is needed to safeguard property and staff from theft and potential danger. High-end surveillance cameras can also be used for quality control of manufacturing processes. An NVR brings further benefits to factories by allowing security staff to actively monitor multiple network cameras installed in different areas of the manufacturing site. Setting up an NVR is simple and requires minimum cabling, with the monitoring and video playback easily managed via web browsers.


  • Supports 24/7 real-time monitoring of multiple locations. Security staff can take immediate action if incidents occur.
  • Videos can be easily played back, with watermarking and proofing tools so they can be used as evidence if needed.
  • The production site can be monitored from anywhere via the Internet.
  • The NVR system can be installed anywhere with minimum cabling for cost-effective performance.