QNAP Surveillance Station provides an ideal network surveillance solution for various environments including residential, commercial, industrial, public sector, and more. See how the Surveillance Station can help you safeguard your assets and property.
City & Government

Government public services

Enhance public safety and government efficiency in response to accidents


It is the government's responsibility to build a safe city for citizens and to attract a constant stream of tourists & visitors to help boost local businesses. Video surveillance is one of the most useful tools for preventing crime, protecting citizens, and keeping cities thriving.

QNAP Surveillance Station provides a reliable solution with its real-time monitoring, various recording modes & playback functions, allowing administrators to check, search, and analyze desired events quickly without wasting time and efforts manually screening out pieces of videos they want. The Centralized Management System is helpful in managing multiple IP cameras installed in important areas of both high-traffic and at-risk areas, enabling citizens to feel safe wherever they are in the city, and also in attracting more visitors.


  • Deters crime and increases citizen safety, including high-traffic areas like tourist attractions, stadiums, and campuses as well as risky areas like parking lots and construction sites
  • Easily manage multiple IP cameras installed in critical areas throughout the city via Centralized Management System
  • Improves the reaction & efficiency of government and police with automatic alerts using the Event Management function
  • Quickly search for desired videos corresponding to particular modes with Intelligent Video Analytics, saving time and effort
  • Assists in benefitting local businesses by attracting more visitors and reducing crime