Secutech (Taiwan)
2015 Secutech Excellence Award
QNAP NVR VS-2212 Pro+ honored Secutech Excellence Awards 2015.
Excellence Award (Taiwan)
2015 Taiwan Excellence Award

QNAP Security won the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award for Quality affirmation, for network storage device manufacturers category winners only.

Merlion Awards (Singapore)
Merlion Awards at Safety & Security Asia 2014

QNAP® Security won the Merlion Awards with Silver Award in ‘Surveillance Camera’ category at Safety & Security Asia 2014.

Secutech (Taiwan)
2014 Secutech Excellence Award

QNAP Security Honored Secutech Excellence Award 2014, the Benchmark of Global High-Resolution Surveillance Solution

Modnews (Russia)
Best price/ quality

QNAP once again pleased us with an unusual device - NVR-1012 which allows you building an entry-level video surveiilance system. Don't expect professional features, but this is a good choice in terms of the price/quality. Besides, if you don't want to pay other people for mounting and setup, it will take you little efforts and money to do it personally.

2009-01-21 (US)
Top Rank

Overall, this is an excellent showing from QNAP. In as little as one afternoon, it is possible to set up a network surveillance system that can be monitored from any computer with an internet connection. Video quality from the included cameras is impressive and additional cameras can be easily added to the system. Versatility is also a strong suit - cameras can use a wired or wireless connection, recording can take place on any day and time you wish, and external drives can be attached for backup or to increase storage capacity.

PC Guia (Portugal)
Gold Award

The QNAP NVR-1012  is a Network Surveillance System for these days. It has a wide and interesting list of functionalities.  It is an excellent surveillance system that has a great advantage: storage expansion capacity.

PC User (AU)
Best Buy

This all-in-one surveillance package from QNAP is designed to let you setup a video-monitoring system without the need for a complex PC installation. The kit includes two IP cameras, a network-attached storage (NAS) box and all the associated cables you need to connect it all together.

Bjorn3D (US)
Seal of Approval

QNAP has brought a great package together with their NVR-1012 surveilance system. The NVR-101 is jam-packed with enough features for an experienced surveilance user, but they have also made the setup and use of this system easy enough for a novice. Just six simple steps are needed to setup the NVR-101 and the ICS-1013 cameras are just as easy to configure.

Hardware Canucks (Canada)
Dam Innovative Award
  • NVR 101 works with numerous brands of IP cameras
  • Easy installation
  • Easy administration
  • NVR 101 can double as NAS
  • Good night vision performance of IP cameras
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity options for the Cameras
  • Too many features to list them all!