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QNAP Security Releases VioStor CMS Turnkey Solution, Beneficial to Centralized Management in Large-scale Surveillance Deployment

Taipei, Taiwan, October 31, 2013 – QNAP® Security today announced the powerful Linux-embedded and highly reliable VioStor CMS (Central Management System) - VSM-4000U-RP and VSM-2000. The VioStor CMS, with the ability to manage up to 1,024 channels, is designed as a turnkey solution for centralized monitoring, device management and event management with multiple VioStor NVRs distributed at different locations, especially suitable for large-scale surveillance deployment.

“The VioStor CMS is a unified platform for surveillance projects of various sizes. With the CMS client software installed on their PC, users can easily set up a surveillance center to efficiently capture each monitored channel,” said Peace Kuo, product manager of QNAP Security. “The VioStor CMS can help control center managers, event examiners and project installers centrally control monitored areas, retrieve video footage of events efficiently and configure the system quickly.”

The VioStor CMS is extremely easy to set up. Administrators can enjoy effortless system set-up and manage the CMS on any PC with the CMS client software installed. Featuring solid hardware design and reliable software performance, the VioStor CMS coupled with VioStor NVR provides an exceptional surveillance turnkey solution.

In large-scale surveillance deployment, configuring numerous NVRs and IP cameras is always a big challenge. The VioStor CMS allows administrators to manage and configure scattered devices easily on a central system, greatly reducing time and effort on system configuration and management.

The VioStor CMS features centralized event management with the support of E-map based event alert. Whenever red indicators appear on the E-map, administrators can quickly check the live video of the event to identify the event location and take appropriate action.

To assist administrators in monitoring multiple channels, the VioStor CMS provides a customizable monitoring layout for administrators to flexibly mix and match the camera videos with the E-map in one view, or mix static and sequential camera videos in one view. The flexible central monitoring feature allows non-critical channels to be displayed in sequential mode, and critical channels to be always displayed.

The VioStor CMS comes with flexible IP camera license scalability, allowing administrators to purchase additional licenses online to expand up to 1,024 IP camera channels. It’s cost-efficient and effortless for administrators to scale up their surveillance environment whenever needed.


VioStor CMS is compatible with VioStor NVR with firmware version 4.1.0 or above. The CMS client software currently is available for Windows only. For more information about VioStor CMS, please visit


About QNAP Security

QNAP Security, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded NVR developer that has leveraged its award-winning storage and RAID technologies to offer the reliable and high performance NVR (VioStor NVR). QNAP Security’s spirit of continuous innovation makes it provide professional surveillance solutions with various market-fresh applications, such as HD local display, browser-based multi-server remote monitoring and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

To fulfill the market’s growing surveillance needs, in 2013 QNAP Security launched its easy turnkey Central Management System solution (VioStor CMS) that is designed for centralized event & device management and flexible central monitoring with large-scale VioStor NVR deployment.

QNAP surveillance solutions are widely applied in various industries such as retail, home offices, banking, hotels, industrial, government and educational institutions. To provide better services globally, QNAP Security has sales representatives, regional offices, support centers and warehouses in more than 10 countries.
For more information about VioStor NVRs, please visit


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