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Secutech Taipei 2014: QNAP Security Showcases Well-rounded Video Surveillance Solutions for Enterprise, SMB and Home Users

Taipei, Taiwan, March 19, 2014 – At the opening of Secutech Taipei 2014, QNAP® Security, a well-rounded video surveillance solution provider, demonstrated professional surveillance solutions catering to enterprises, SMBs and home users. Visitors can experience the rock-solid VioStor NVR series and market-fresh applications including standalone video surveillance management systems, Central Management System (CMS) turnkey solutions, mobile surveillance applications, integrated Turbo NAS storage expansion and 4K Digital Signage display support to find an ideal solution that meets their surveillance requirements.

“QNAP product lines and 3rd-party solutions are well integrated to provide complete surveillance solutions that fulfill versatile requirements for a wide range of industries, businesses & home environments. Our solutions also accommodate different ranges of deployment, as well as meeting various application needs for both today’s needs and future growth,” said David Chiang, general manager of QNAP Security.

Enterprises: Smart recording, storage expansion, and Axxonsoft® integration

QNAP Security’s surveillance solutions benefit enterprises that demand optimized efficiency in management and budgeting. The smart recording feature selects optimal video streams from IP cameras for different recording scenarios, effectively avoiding constant storage consumption, and achieving greater storage efficiency whilst boosting recording quality when alarm events occur. Organizations can enjoy the benefits of lower storage costs and higher recording quality of alarm events for evidential purposes.

Possessing industry-leading storage & RAID technologies, QNAP Security offers a reliable solution to easily expand the total storage capacity of VioStor NVR with QNAP Turbo NAS. The growing demands for Full HD video recording with long-term video retention result in greater storage requirements and this storage expansion solution is provided to fulfill that need.

Being an open platform, the Linux-based stand-alone VioStor NVR is compatible with AxxonSoft’s Axxon Next™ VMS. This collective product offering brings Axxon Next VMS users an innovative surveillance solution backboned by VioStor NVR’s rock-solid hardware and reliable storage features.

SMBs: VioStor QVR 5.0, mobile surveillance apps, VioStor CMS, NVR with 4K Digital Signage solution, and more

QVR 5.0 is the brand new VioStor NVR firmware, introducing an intelligent desktop with multi-tasking design, simplified user interface, and new features including floating tool bar, playback shuttle bar and video thumbnails. The VMobile and Vcam mobile apps enhance surveillance management on the go: allowing users to monitor, playback, and manage their surveillance system with VMobile, and to turn their mobile devices into IP cameras with Vcam. Security administrators can enjoy an unprecedented monitoring & management experience with the innovative QVR 5.0.

With the ability to manage up to 1,024 channels, the powerful VioStor CMS is designed as a turnkey solution for centralized monitoring, device management and event management with multiple VioStor NVRs distributed at different locations. This is especially suitable for large-scale surveillance deployment and users can easily adopt it for surveillance projects of various sizes, and benefit from its 4K high resolution video support.

Additional features & applications include the QStart function that automates IP camera settings for VioStor NVR with compatible switches, saving time and effort even without IT expertise. The combination of VioStor NVR and Digital Signage Player introduces a new way of promoting businesses. Users in industries such as catering or restaurants can display 4K resolution real-time videos captured from the VioStor NVR through a Digital Signage Player as creative advertising to interact with customers.

Home users: QNAP NAS Surveillance Station and AXIS Camera Companion compatibility

QNAP also provides hands-on, 24/7-security home surveillance solutions to help users safeguard home environments. QNAP Turbo NAS features the Surveillance Station app that supports real-time monitoring, video and audio recording and playback with various compatible IP cameras.

QNAP has also demonstrated their strong partnership with Axis® Communications, the global market leader in network video surveillance. While users can easily build well-rounded surveillance systems with the VioStor NVR and various compatible IP cameras, they can alternatively adopt a Turbo NAS compatible with AXIS Camera Companion, the video management software (VMS) for Axis IP cameras, to create surveillance systems.


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About QNAP Security

QNAP Security, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded NVR developer that has leveraged its award-winning storage and RAID technologies to offer the reliable and high performance NVR (VioStor NVR). QNAP Security’s spirit of continuous innovation makes it provide professional surveillance solutions with various market-fresh applications, such as HD local display, browser-based multi-server remote monitoring and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

To fulfill the market’s growing surveillance needs, in 2013 QNAP Security launched its easy turnkey Central Management System solution (VioStor CMS) that is designed for centralized event & device management and flexible central monitoring with large-scale VioStor NVR deployment.

QNAP surveillance solutions are widely applied in various industries such as retail, home offices, banking, hotels, industrial, government and educational institutions. To provide better services globally, QNAP Security has sales representatives, regional offices, support centers and warehouses in more than 10 countries.

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