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QNAP Launches New VioStor NVR Firmware QVR 5.1 Reinforcing the QVR Client and Featuring Qdewarp, Virtual Camera, Region-of-interest, View Management, and More

Taipei, Taiwan, July 13, 2015 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the new VioStor NVR firmware QVR 5.1, reinforcing the QVR Client for video monitoring without needing a browser plug-in and introducing a PC-less system configuration through HDMI, Qdewarp function with fisheye dewarp technology, virtual camera settings, region-of-interest (ROI) mode, customizable viewing layouts, dual recording support, and much more. With its next-generation interface, QVR 5.1 maximizes the usability of high-resolution and fisheye footage, and increases the management efficiency of surveillance systems.

“Designed with users in mind, QVR 5.1 offers numerous highly-anticipated features that are essential to meet the growing needs for 4K cameras and more complex surveillance environments,” said Alan Kuo, product manager of QNAP. “We especially spread the idea of ‘flexible monitoring view’ into many of the new features, allowing users to have customized surveillance tools for their daily, important surveillance tasks.”

QVR Client: operates independently from browser plug-ins

As many mainstream web browsers stop supporting plug-ins, video monitoring that is dependent on plug-ins is facing challenges. QNAP continues to reinforce its QVR Client to allow real-time monitoring and video playback on PC without using a web browser. Users can upgrade their VioStor NVR to QVR 5.1 to obtain a smoother video surveillance experience.

A truly PC-less surveillance solution

Users now can install their VioStor NVR by directly plugging in a USB keyboard, mouse and HDMI display. QVR 5.1 brings a truly PC-less surveillance solution not only for video live-view and playback but also for system configuration and surveillance settings.

Enhanced live-view management with Qdewarp, virtual camera and ROI

Not limited to vendor-specific dewarping modes, Qdewarp technology provides 11 dewarping modes for various monitoring applications. It enables NVR users to have more ways to monitor dewarped views and greatly benefits their surveillance tasks. The advanced virtual camera setting allows users to attain 4 more monitored areas cropped from higher resolution footages. No additional camera licenses are required, and users can view the virtual camera as an independent channel with other camera channels in the same view. In remote monitoring, the ROI feature allows users to select 5 or 7 split regions in a single stream to focus on while eliminating unnecessary space. All of the monitoring views can be displayed in a layout customized by the users, providing more flexibility and comfort to surveillance management.

Dual-stream recording to fit any bandwidth environment

Dual recording allows storing both higher and lower resolution video streams for further use. Users who have lower or restricted bandwidth availability can conveniently select suitable videos for playback using the multi-channel display mode.


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About QNAP Security

QNAP Security, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded NVR developer that has leveraged its award-winning storage and RAID technologies to offer the reliable and high performance NVR (VioStor NVR). QNAP Security’s spirit of continuous innovation makes it provide professional surveillance solutions with various market-fresh applications, such as HD local display, browser-based multi-server remote monitoring and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

To fulfill the market’s growing surveillance needs, in 2013 QNAP Security launched its easy turnkey Central Management System solution (VioStor CMS) that is designed for centralized event & device management and flexible central monitoring with large-scale VioStor NVR deployment.

QNAP surveillance solutions are widely applied in various industries such as retail, home offices, banking, hotels, industrial, government and educational institutions. To provide better services globally, QNAP Security has sales representatives, regional offices, support centers and warehouses in more than 10 countries.

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