VS-4112U-RP Pro+
High performance 4-bay NVR for SMBs
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Various handy utilities are available for you to work smartly with your VioStor NVR. These utilities help increase your productivity and make it absolutely easy with connecting the VioStor NVR, setting up the system, data backup and synchronization, downloading files, and so on. Visit the Download center, find your VioStor NVR model, and the list of available utilities are ready for you.


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Connect and set up NVR easily

Qfinder is a utility, available for Windows and Mac to quickly find and access the VioStor NVR over the LAN. Install the Qfinder on your computer, open it, and double click your VioStor NVR name, and the login page is ready for you.

QVR Client for Windows / Mac

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Powerful Surveillance application on Windows / Mac

QNAP QVR Client is a client application developed by QNAP, used to locally or remotely access QNAP NVR servers for performing video monitoring and playback functions. Instead of using web browsers, IT administrators can directly use the QVR Client to conduct their surveillance operations. This allows them to both comply with corporate IT policies and manage daily surveillance operations.

Monitor & Manage Multiple IP Cameras

With the QVR Client, you can easily monitor & manage multiple IP cameras, and receive instant notifications when event occurs. You can use 'Instant Playback' feature to check suspicious events of a camera channel you just missed. You can also directly configure IP camera recording settings when needed without leaving the Live-view page, maintaining a seamless monitoring so you won't miss any suspicious event.

Play Recording Files

QVR Client allows you to play the recording files on your Windows computer easily. You can play the video files saved on the computer or search and play the recording files on the VioStor servers. It also provides advanced features e.g. playback and speed control by shuttle bar, preview recordings by thumbnails, and zoom in to see details.

QVR Pro Client

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64 bit

32 bit

Instant Monitor and Management

QVR Pro Client allows you to monitor cameras that are connected to the QVR Pro appliance and flexibly switch between live and playback functions to take full control over the monitored area. It provides dynamic layout, region of interest, Qdewarp technology, E-map, multiple notification methods, and video wall, etc. QVR Pro Client can be installed on Windows®, Mac®, Ubuntu® devices or on the QNAP Hybrid Desk Station on the NAS. You can also install the mobile version on you iOS or Android devices from the Apple Store or Google Play.