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QNAP NVR Firmware
181MB 2015/08/21
Note :
The major updates of QVR 5.1.0 are as below:
1.Landing page of QVR 5.1:
2.Presentation File:
[Important Notice]
1. Supports new WD Purple® 6TB surveillance hard drives for 2-8 bay tower series.
2. It may take several minutes to finish updating the system depending on your network status. The system will inform you when it has been updated.
3. When performing a system update, ensure that the power supply is stable. Failure to do so may cause the system to be unable to start.
4. After the system has been updated, please restart the server.
5. After upgrading to QVR 5.1.0, we do not recommend downgrading to previous versions.
6. For VS-4100U-RP Pro+, to use the NVR alarm input and output functionality, please refer to this tutorial to update the NVR's BIOS in local display mode.
7. Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
8. Fixed an issue with Smart Recording where the NVR would only recover the normal stream from a camera after disconnecting the camera.
[New Features]
1. Web browsers can launch the QVR Client without supporting plug-ins.
2. Qdewarp: Proprietary QNAP fisheye de-warping technologies.
3. ROI: The Region of Interest feature lets you monitor specific areas more clearly. 
4. Virtual Camera: Select an area of a camera's field of view to act as a virtual camera.
5. View Management: Users can customize view layouts.
6. Push Notification: Allows users to receive notifications on mobile devices when motion detection or alarm events occur.
7. New model supported for Qstart (supports ACTi, AXIS, Panasonic, SONY, VIVOTEK):
   ZyXEL GS2210-8HP.
1. Digital zoom preview thumbnails.
2. 2 channel, 3 channel monitor and playback view modes.
3. Recording quality preview.
4. Single-frame forwards and backwards.
5. Time period split playback.
6. Complete settings interface using HDMI Local Display.
7. Surveillance settings can be exported and imported.
8. Displays camera passwords.
9. Enhanced playback reaction speed.
10. Supports AD & LDAP (for user accounts).
[Known Issues]
1. In the local display playback mode, there is a possibility that users cannot search for recording files after changing the system date and time.
2. In e-Map mode, camera icons on the second layer e-map cannot be removed if the first layer e-map is removed and the second layer e-map is re-added.
3. Cannot update QVR firmware using Qfinder if there is no hard drive installed. 
4. Playing videos recorded during time zone changes will trigger an unexpected error.
5. VS-8148U Pro+ users cannot add new hard drives to an existing RAID.
6. VS-2200 series models may have some functions disabled when the flexible recording channel is enabled.
7. To exit ROI mode, you must click any channel mode icon.
8. If you have installed the beta version of QVR 5.1.0, please delete all customized views and layout data.