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QNAP NVR Firmware
QVR 5.1.3 - 20181017
176 MB 2018/10/29
Note :
[Fixed Issue] 
1. Recordings exported to USB devices would display incorrect channel names.
2. Re-launch processes would keep appearing in the background.
3. File Station could not display the thumbnails of recording snapshots.
4. Users could not perform PTZ or preset point operations for the Dahua SD22204T-GN-W camera in QVR Client.
5. Videos from the Vivotek FD9167-H camera would have glitches when shown on local display.
6. The LCD panel on the VS-4116Pro+ would keep displaying "Starting Service. Please wait" after users updated QVR to 5.1.3 build 20180524.
7. Users occasionally could not apply changes to the privilege settings.
8. QVR Client would not display the PTZ control panel for the HIKvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE camera.
9. PTZ controls would stop functioning on the Uniview IPC6222ER-X20P camera in QVR Client.
10.Accessing cameras from non-mainstream manufacturers via Vmobile iOS would cause high CPU usage. 
11.QVR Client could not correctly remember usernames or passwords.
12.Users could not back up data from QVR to QTS via Storage Expansion when Port Trunking was enabled.
13.QVR Client could not display preset point options after users added the Wanscam HW0054 camera using Onvif Profile S.