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QNAP NVR Firmware
QVR 5.1.3 - 20190328
177 MB 2019/04/09
Note :
[Fixed Issue]
-QVR Client could not display preset point options after users added the Wanscam HW0054 camera using Onvif Profile S.
-QVR would restart unexpectedly on the VS-6116 Pro+.
-QVR would still display the images of disabled camera channels.
-Exported recording files would have inconsistent file sizes and intermittent sounds.
-Improved recording stability.
-QVR Client could not remember the order of camera channels after users added servers.
-Users could not add cameras to an e-map after maximizing the e-map.
-Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities.
-QVR Client would occasionally restart unexpectedly when users monitored live views on a local display.
-QVR would not respond to SNMP queries on certain NAS models. 
-App Center could not immediately display the installed Camera Package upon startup.
-Non-administrator users could not quickly access Qdewarp features.
-Improved system stability when cameras and NVR servers are on different networks.
-PTZ controls would stop functioning for certain cameras in QVR Client.
-Fixed some string and user interface issues in non-English languages. 
-Audios would not be in sync with videos when users played back recording files exported from certain cameras.
-QVR Client could not export recording files after users changed time zone settings.