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Why I cannot received Alert Notification via Email?

Applied Models:

  • VS-2008
  • VS-2012
  • VS-4016U-RP
  • VS-5012
  • VS-5020
  • VS-8024
  • VS-8024U-RP
  • VS-8032
  • VS-8032U-RP
  • VS-8040
  • VS-8040U-RP


Please follow the steps for trouble shooting,
Step1. Send a test Email, and see if you can receive it or not

  1. If error message pop out, please double check SMTP Server address, user name and password.
  2. Check if the Server need use SSL/TLS connect, if so please click it.
  3. Check the DNS Server at Network Settings. A wrong DNS server may cause failed to send the email.
  4. If you have firewall server, please check if it block the application.

Step2. If there is no error message during the test mail, but you still not get the mail.

  1. Check your spam mail folder to see if it is there.
  2. Check your SMTP server to see the mail it be blocked.

Step3. Try other SMTP server and Email recipient.