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For streaming from camera feature of QNAP NVR, which camera brands and models are supported?

Applied Models:

  • VS-2004 Pro
  • VS-2004L
  • VS-2008 Pro
  • VS-2008L
  • VS-2012 Pro
  • VS-4008 Pro
  • VS-4008U-RP Pro
  • VS-4012 Pro
  • VS-4012U-RP Pro
  • VS-4016 Pro
  • VS-4016U-RP Pro
  • VS-6012 Pro
  • VS-6016 Pro
  • VS-6020 Pro
  • VS-8024
  • VS-8024U-RP
  • VS-8032
  • VS-8032U-RP
  • VS-8040
  • VS-8040U-RP
  • VS-8124 Pro+
  • VS-8132 Pro+
  • VS-8140 Pro+
  • VS-8148 Pro+


  1. QNAP NVR supports streaming from camera for the following camera brands
    ACTi, Arecont Vision, Canon, Edimax, iPUX, Linksys, MOBOTIX, Panasonic BB/BL/i-Pro series, TOA, TRENDnet, Vivotek, Y-CAM
  2. QNAP NVR supports streaming from camera for the following camera models
    • Axis: All excluding 212
    • Cisco: Only CIVS-IPC-2500(W), WVC-210, PVC-2300/ WVC-2300
    • D-Link: DCS-900(A), DCS-900(B1/B2), DCS-920, DCS-2121, DCS-3410
    • ELMO: All excluding PTC-401C-IP, SN2230-IPW, SN2230-IP2, TD4114-IP2
    • Etrovision: Only General, EV3130, EV6531, EV6552, EV6551A, EV6250A, EV6356A, EV3151, EV6150A, EV3151A, EV6151A, EV6153A, EV6156A
    • IQinVision: All excluding IQ732N
    • LevelOne: FCS-0010/ WCS-0010, FCS-0020/ WCS-0020, FCS-1091/ WCS-1091 
    • Messoa: All excluding NCB855, NDR890, NIC930
    • Sanyo: HD series
    • SONY: All excluding CH and DH series
    • Toshiba: CI-8110-D, CI8210-D, IK-WB12, IK-WB21