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How to evaluate the bandwidth usage of VioGate to avoid network congestion?

Applied Models:

  • VioCard-100
  • VioCard-300
  • VioGate-140
  • VioGate-340(340A)


Content: It is evaluated that the actual bandwidth required by VioGate is as below:

Gigabit network: 15~16 Mbyte/s
100M network: 5~8 Mbyte/s

If the resolution is 640x480 with 3fps, each VioGate with 4-channel recording will occupy 360K/s.
360x16 VioGate=4.7M/s

As 4.7M/s < 5M/s (100M is the actual network bandwidth).  Therefore, a 100M network cable can allow 16 VioGate servers for transfer.  It is recommended to use 8 VioGate.