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I've set the video file length of Vivotek cameras on VioStor NVR as 1 minute and the frame rate as 1 fps. Why the recording files are all 2 minutes long?

Applied Models:

  • NVR-101
  • NVR-1012
  • NVR-104V
  • VioStor-101V
  • VioStor-2008
  • VioStor-2012
  • VioStor-201V
  • VioStor-5012
  • VioStor-5020
  • VioStor-8040
  • VioStor-8040U-RP


This is a camera limitation. Vivotek camera uses MPEG4 technology (group of picture) and the smallest unit of the video recording file is 120 frames. Therefore, if the frame rate setting is 1 fps, the video recording files are 2 minutes.