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Why the actual monitoring quality is worse than the configuration?

Applied Models:

  • NVR-101
  • NVR-1012
  • NVR-104P
  • NVR-104V
  • VioStor-101A
  • VioStor-101P
  • VioStor-101V
  • VioStor-2008
  • VioStor-2012
  • VioStor-201A
  • VioStor-201P
  • VioStor-201V
  • VioStor-5012
  • VioStor-5020
  • VioStor-8040
  • VioStor-8040U-RP



  1. The image quality may be restricted and interfered by the network bandwidth.
  2. The network connection is not purely independent; it is often shared by other network devices which will occupy the bandwidth.
  3. Network cameras do not support high performance quality.
  4. When there are multiple accesses to the monitoring page, the image quality will be reduced. (It is recommended to have three simultaneous connections to the monitoring page at maximum.)
  5. The same camera may be shared by multiple NVR for recording at the same time.
  6. For the best recording performance, please do not open too many IE browsers to access the monitoring page.