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Does VioStor support hot swapping?

Applied Models:

  • NVR-101
  • NVR-1012
  • NVR-104P
  • NVR-104V
  • VioStor-101A
  • VioStor-101P
  • VioStor-101V
  • VioStor-2008
  • VioStor-2012
  • VioStor-201A
  • VioStor-201P
  • VioStor-201V
  • VioStor-5012
  • VioStor-5020
  • VioStor-8040
  • VioStor-8040U-RP



Yes. However, if the hard disks are working properly and recording is in process, do not hot swap the disks to avoid damage to the disks or recording files. Hot swapping can only be performed when a single disk crashes and there is no need to stop the recording.