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How to check your firmware Version?

Applied Models:

  • NVR-101
  • NVR-1012
  • NVR-104P
  • NVR-104V
  • VioStor-101A
  • VioStor-101P
  • VioStor-101V
  • VioStor-2008
  • VioStor-2012
  • VioStor-201A
  • VioStor-201P
  • VioStor-201V
  • VioStor-5012
  • VioStor-5020
  • VioStor-8040
  • VioStor-8040U-RP


You can check your firemware version from the following pages:

1.Open QNAP Finder, and the version information will be shown.
Version in Finder

2.When you have successfully logged in VioStor, the version information will be appeared at the left-bottom corner of Monitoring Page.
System Firmware in monitoring page

3.You could check your firmware version by "System Settings"->"Server Name" or "System Settings"->"View System Settings".

4.Another firmware version will be display in system update page. The page will show the current version information.