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When I use 'convert to AVI file' on playback and the snapshot function in Windows Vista or above, I cannot save the files in the specified folder. Why?

Applied Models:

  • VS-2004L
  • VS-2008L
  • VS-2004 Pro
  • VS-2008 Pro
  • VS-2012 Pro
  • VS-4008 Pro
  • VS-4012 Pro
  • VS-4016 Pro
  • VS-4108 Pro+
  • VS-4112 Pro+
  • VS-4116 Pro+
  • VS-4008U-RP Pro
  • VS-4012U-RP Pro
  • VS-4016U-RP Pro
  • VS-4016U-SP
  • VS-6012 Pro
  • VS-6016 Pro
  • VS-6020 Pro
  • VS-6112 Pro+
  • VS-6116 Pro+
  • VS-6120 Pro+
  • VS-8024
  • VS-8032
  • VS-8040
  • VS-8024U-RP
  • VS-8032U-RP
  • VS-8040U-RP
  • VS-8124 Pro+
  • VS-8132 Pro+
  • VS-8140 Pro+
  • VS-8148 Pro+
  • VS-8124U-RP Pro
  • VS-8132U-RP Pro
  • VS-8140U-RP Pro
  • VS-8148U-RP Pro
  • VS-12140U-RP Pro
  • VS-12148U-RP Pro
  • VS-12156U-RP Pro
  • VS-12164U-RP Pro


User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Vista/7/8

The UAC prohibits ActiveX controls from accessing the hard drives and the files required by ActiveX are saved in the temporary folder.  To resolve this problem, please follow the steps below to turn User Account Control off:

1. Go to 'Control Panel'.

2. Click 'User Accounts'.

3. Click 'Turn User Account Control on or off'.

4. Uncheck the UAC option. Click 'OK'.

Trusted Sites on Internet Explorer

If you don't want to Turn User Account Control off, please add the IP address of NVR to trusted sites on Internete explorer.

1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer. 

2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.

3. Click the Security tab.

4. Now click on Trusted sites and then click on the sites button.

5. Enter the Website URL and click on Add.

6. When you are finished, click on Close.


You can now use the 'convert to AVI file' and snapshot functions.