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When I connect the NVR to ACTi speed dome, CAM-6500 and CAM-6600 series, by choosing get video from server and get video from camera, both the NVR can't control the Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions. What should I do to active the PTZ funciton in NVR?

Applied Models:

  • NVR-104P
  • NVR-104V
  • VS-101P
  • VS-101V
  • VS-2008
  • VS-2012
  • VS-201P
  • VS-201V
  • VS-4016U-RP
  • VS-5012
  • VS-5020
  • VS-8024
  • VS-8024U-RP
  • VS-8032
  • VS-8032U-RP
  • VS-8040
  • VS-8040U-RP


Currently, if you want to use PTZ function of the ACTi CAM-6500 and CAM-6600 series cameras, please check that the protocol of the camera is DynaColor, Baud Rate: 9600. Please refer to the camera's manual for detailed information. .