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[Tutorial] How to Use Digital Watermarking to Protect the Videos and Snapshots from Unauthorized Modification?
The VioStor NVR supports digital watermarking to protect the videos and snapshots from unauthorized modification. You can select to add digital watermark on the exported video and snapshot on the VioStor Player. A permanent digital signal will be added to the exported files which are selected for digital watermarking. The watermark cannot be removed and is only visible by using watermark proof software.
Step 1

Digital Watermark

To use digital watermarking by VioStor Player, follow the steps below.

  1. Click "Playback" to open the VioStor Player.
  2. Click "Settings" .
  3. Select to add digital watermark in the exported snapshot or video.
Step 2

Watermark Proof

To use Watermark Proof, follow the steps below:

  1. After installing the VioStor Player, Watermark Proof will be installed. From the Windows Start menu, select "All Programs" > "QNAP" > "Player" to locate "Watermark Proof".
  2. Run Watermark Proof. The following window will be shown.
  3. Click to browse and locate the files. You can select more than one file at one time.
  4. The Watermark proof program will start checking the files and show the proof result. If you check the option "Stop when watermark error is detected", the checking procedure will stop if a failed file is detected. Otherwise the program will check all the files you have selected.
    If a file is modified, the proof result will be shown as "Failed".