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[Tutorial] How to Use E-map?
Applied Firmware Version: VioStor NVR Firmware v3.5.0 or above

The VioStor NVR's electronic map (E-map) feature is to provide graphic map information for users to overview entire CCTV layout. Enable users to upload digital maps desired, pinpoint the position of all connected IP cameras and GPI devices of a monitoring location or region to ensure efficient management. To activate e-map function of VioStor NVR,please click on the upper right corner of remote monitoring page.An E-map window will pop up on your screen as below.

To upload a digital map of the monitoring location, follow these steps:

Click to enter edit mode. The icon will change to accordingly.

Click to enter the name of the E-map then browse to upload the map file in JPG graphic format.

* Note: E-map only support JPG format.

Add IP camera

  • First, select the E-map that you would like to edit from the map tree located on the upper left column.

  • Secondly, highlight an IP camera from the camera tree in the column just below the map tree and drag the camera icon onto the selected E-map.

  • Right click on the camera icon to adjust the direction of the camera in the E-map.



    To enable event notification, please click so that event alerts from the IP cameras are shown in the E-Map.

    When an event is triggered, the map with that specific camera on it will pop up. The original camera icon will automatically change into a particular alert icon according to status once trigger is sensed.