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[Tutorial] How to update the NVR BIOS?

This document has two parts and will instruct you how to update the BIOS of a NVR in local display mode.

Part A: Making a bootable USB drive
Part B: Entering DOS mode with the USB drive


  1. USB drive *1
  2. Windows-based computer
  3. “UNetbootin” software for making a bootable USB drive
    (download from http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ )
  4. BIOS upgrade package
  5. NVR *1
  6. Keyboard *1
  7. Monitor *1


Part A: Making a bootable USB drive

Please note: If the next step fails to download FreeDOS, please import the ISO file directly. You can download the FreeDOS ISO file from here: http://www.freedos.org/download/

  1. Please plug the USB drive into the computer, and then run “UNetbootin”.
  2. Please select the “FreeDos” mode
  3. Please select the USB drive.
  4. Please click “OK”.
  5. “UNetbootin” will now create a bootable USB drive. Once this process is completed, please select “Exit”.

Part B: Entering DOS mode with the USB drive

Connect the Keyboard and monitor to NVR Total view

  1. Copy the BIOS update package to the USB drive.
  2. Remove the USB drive from the computer and plug it into the NVR.
  3. Please connect a keyboard and monitor to the NVR.
  4. Power on the NVR.
  5. After the NVR boots up, press “F7” on the keyboard to enter the BIOS. Please select the boot device as your USB drive and press Enter.
  6. Please select “win98”.
  7. Please select the option “FreeDOS Safe Mode”.
  8. Switch the directory to “C:” by using command “C:”. (Please refer to the picture in step 9)
  9. Enter the folder that the BIOS update package is located in by using the command “cd folder name” (for example if the folder name is “QV61AR64” you would enter: “cd QV61AR64”).
  10. Execute the .bat file entering the filename. (for example: “QV61AR64.BAT”)
  11. After a short period of time, the BIOS will be updated.
  12. After you have finished, please follow these steps:
    • Power off the NVR
    • Disconnect the power cord
    • Wait for 10 seconds
    • Reconnect in the power cord
    • Remove the USB drive
    • Power on the NVR
    • Check if the BIOS version is updated or not.
    • If the BIOS version has been updated (as in the picture below) then you have successfully updated the BIOS. If not, then please contact QNAP for further assistance.