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[Tutorial] How to use Qstart?

Qstart brings two leading-edge innovative features: system initialization and network switch control. It simplifies system initialization through automatically assigning default settings with just a single click. By integrating supported switches, Qstart provides comprehensive network topology and a device list for users to fully manage the network health and device status. Qstart integrates the major functions of PoE switches so users can easily setup camera IPs, manage PoE status and monitor traffic flow from the VioStor software (QVR). The intuitive GUI also allows for precise failure detection and efficient troubleshooting. Qstart provides users with a refreshing experience when installing and remotely maintaining NVRs.

Check the compatibility list


1. Connect to the QVR webpage and select Qstart. Please ensure you use a supported switch and a VioStor model.

2. VioStor will detect if there is a DHCP server on the same LAN.

i. If a DHCP server is detected, it will proceed to the Quick Setup page.

ii. If a DHCP server is not detected, users will be asked to enable the NVR’s DHCP server.

  • A. Users can enable the DHCP server by clicking Yes.
  • B. Clicking No will return to the initial page.


3. The the Quick Setup page includes basic information for both the NVR and devices connected to the switch (including the time zone, name, IP, Disk configuration, and more.) Confirm that these are correct and proceed to complete the initialization.

Please note:
i. Users cannot modify network settings (DHCP/Static) in Qstart mode.
ii. The channel number is based on the port number of the switch.
(For example, if a VS-2112 Pro+ connects to a 24-port switch, the table will show channel 1 to channel 24 regardless of the NVR's supported channels.)
iii. Default settings:
  • Selects all supported cameras that are connected to the switch.
  • Auto configure

4. Enter the QVR desktop. The camera overview page and QVR introduction page will appear simultaneously. (Camera overview is in front, and QVR introduction behind it.)

Qstart mode: Surveillance Settings ->Advance Settings-> Qstart Settings:

1. Use supported switches to enable Qstart mode. The brand and model name will be shown and users can test the connection.

2. Switch between Qstart mode and traditional mode:

i. Qstart mode is enabled by default if users select Qstart during initialization. Otherwise it will be disabled.
ii. If you enable Qstart mode again, all of your camera settings will be erased.

3. Intuitive channel mapping:
The video shown on channel 1 represents the recording view of port 1 to the switch.

4. Camera configuration limitations:
In Qstart mode, you cannot add cameras to specific channels. To get around this limitation, you will need to disable Qstart in Advanced Settings.

5. Port setting behaviors:

i. Add a supported camera to the port:
  If it is a new camera, the NVR will automatically add it using default settings.
  If it is a camera that has been used before, the NVR will use its previous settings.
ii. Removing the camera from the port will clear the camera settings.
iii. Any port changes will be saved in the system log page.
Switch Control (embedded)

1. Topology: Show the switch's complete connection relationship

i. The diagram will display supported switches, cameras, VioStor NVR, and other devices (including PCs, laptops, unsupported switches, and other unknown devices.)
Other Device
ii. Users can choose different ways to display the topology (top/right/left/bottom).
iii. Clicking the device's IP address will open that IP address in your browser.
iv. Clicking on a camera will open the camera's settings page.

2. Switch Control Chart:

i. Complete switch information table:
Firmware version, IP address, MAC, total power, and remaining power.
ii. Complete port information:
Device IP, MAC, TX/RX, power consumption, PoE ability, Network ability.
iii. Corresponding switch status types:
(Network, P: PoE, L: Link, Only N is on, then L can be detected as on/off.)

3. Event Notification: show detailed logs relevant to the switch


Switch Compatibility List

Supported NVR



FW Version


VS-2104 Pro+/2108 Pro+/2112 Pro+


VS-4108 Pro+/4112Pro+/4116 Pro+


VS-6112 Pro+/6116Pro+/6120 Pro+


Switch Compatibility



FW Version















V4.10 (AANE.3) 08/20/2014

Supported Camera Brands: AXIS, ACTi , SONY, Panasonic, VIVOTEK

IP Camera Compatibility List

Brand Model Camera Firmware
ACTi B21 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi B25 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi B27 A1D-500-V6.03.08-AC
ACTi B41 A1D-500-V6.03.09-AC
ACTi B45 A1D-500-V6.03.10-AC
ACTi B47 A1D-500-V6.03.11-AC
ACTi B51 A1D-500-V6.03.12-AC
ACTi B53 A1D-500-V6.03.13-AC
ACTi B54 A1D-500-V6.03.14-AC
ACTi B55 A1D-500-V6.03.15-AC
ACTi B56 A1D-500-V6.03.16-AC
ACTi B61 A1D-500-V6.03.17-AC
ACTi B65 A1D-500-V6.03.18-AC
ACTi B67 A1D-500-V6.03.19-AC
ACTi B81 A1D-500-V6.03.20-AC
ACTi B85 A1D-500-V6.03.21-AC
ACTi B87 A1D-500-V6.03.22-AC
ACTi B92 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
ACTi B93 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi B94 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
ACTi B95 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
ACTi B96 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
ACTi B97 A1D-500-V6.05.23-AC
ACTi D11 A1D-500-V6.01.03-AC
ACTi D12 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D21 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D22 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D31 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D32 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D41 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D51 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D52 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D54 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D55 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D61 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D62 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi D64 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D65 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D71 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D72 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D81 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D82 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D91 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi D92 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E11 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E12 supported by design
ACTi E13 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E21 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E22 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E23 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E24 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E25 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E270 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E271 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E31 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E32 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E33 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E34 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E37 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E41 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E42 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E43 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E44 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E45 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E46 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E47 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E51 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E52 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E53 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E54 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E57 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E58 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E59 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E61 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E610 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E62 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E63 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E64 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E65 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E66 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E67 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E68 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E69 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E71 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E72 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E73 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E74 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E75 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E76 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E77 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E81 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E82 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E83 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E84 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E85 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E86 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E88 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E89 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E91 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E919 A1D-500-V6.07.23-AC
ACTi E92 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E923M A1D-500-V6.07.10-AC
ACTi E93 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E94 A1D-500-V6.01.06-AC
ACTi E95 A1D-500-V6.03.07-AC
ACTi E96 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi E97 A1D-500-V6.05.16-AC
ACTi I71 A1D-500-V6.07.10-AC
ACTi I91 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi I92 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi I93 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi I94 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi I95 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi I96 A1D-500-V6.05.22-AC
ACTi KCM-5511 A1D-311-V5.08.06-AC
ACTi KCM-5611 A1D-311-V5.10.02-AC
ACTi KCM-7911 A1D-311-V5.06.01-AC
ACTi KCM-8111 A1D-311-V5.09.04-AC
ACTi KCM-8211 A1D-311-V5.09.04-AC
ACTi TCM-6630 A1D-310-V4.12.02-AC
AXIS M1013
AXIS M1014
AXIS M1033-(W)
AXIS M1034-(W)
AXIS M1143-L supported by design
AXIS M1144-L
AXIS M3004 supported by design
AXIS M3005
AXIS M3006
AXIS M3007
AXIS M3007
AXIS M3024
AXIS M3025
AXIS M3026 supported by design
Axis M3027
AXIS M5014-V supported by design
AXIS P1204 5.40.12
AXIS P1214 5.40.12
AXIS P1214-E 5.40.12
AXIS P1353 supported by design
AXIS P1354
AXIS P1355
AXIS P1357
AXIS P3353 Supported by design
AXIS P3354
AXIS P3363(-V/-VE) supported by design
AXIS P3364(-V/-VE) v1.03.02
AXIS P3384-V/-VE 5.40.11
AXIS P5414 supported by design
AXIS P5415-E ver.
AXIS P5544
AXIS P8513 5.21
AXIS P8514 5.21
AXIS Q1614(-E) ver.
AXIS Q1765(-E) 5.55.1
AXIS Q1922(-E) 5.25.3
AXIS Q1931(-E) ver. 5.55.4
AXIS Q6042 Supported by design
AXIS Q6044 Supported by design
AXIS Q6045 Supported by design
Panasonic BB-ST162 1:1.43 2:1.03
Panasonic BB-ST165 supported by design
Panasonic BB-SW172 supported by design
Panasonic BB-SW174 supported by design
Panasonic BL-VP101 suported by design
Panasonic BL-VP104 suported by design
Panasonic BL-VT164 suported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SC384 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SC386 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SC588 1.9
Panasonic WV-SF138 1.52
Panasonic DG/WV-SF332 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF342 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF346 1.04
Panasonic DG/WV-SF438 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF538 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF539 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF548 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SF549 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SP105 V.2.01
Panasonic DG/WV-SP302 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SP508 1 Application : 1.07,2 Image data : 2.11
Panasonic DG/WV-SP509 1:1.06 2:2.08
Panasonic DG/WV-ST162 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-ST165 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW155 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW158 1.04
Panasonic DG/WV-SW172 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW174 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW314 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW316 1:1.46 2:2.03
Panasonic DG/WV-SW352 supported by design
Panasonic   1.04
Panasonic DG/WV-SW558 supported by design
Panasonic DG/WV-SW559 supported by design
SONY SNC-CX600 1.9.0
SONY SNC-CX600W 1.9.0
SONY SNC-DH210 1.82.01
SONY SNC-EB600 1.9.0
SONY SNC-EB600B 1.9.0
SONY SNC-EB632R 2.1.2
SONY SNC-EM600 1.6.0
SONY SNC-EM601 1.6.0
SONY SNC-EM602R 1.6.0
SONY SNC-EM630 1.6.0
SONY SNC-EP550 1.70.00
SONY SNC-ER550 1.70.00
SONY SNC-HM662 1.1.1
SONY SNC-VB600 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VB600B 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VB630 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM600 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM600B 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM601 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM601B 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM630 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM631 1.3.0
SONY SNC-VM632R 1.8.0
SONY SNC-WR630 1.10.0
SONY SNC-XM632 1.12.0
SONY SNC-ZB550 1.72.01
SONY SNC-ZM550 1.72.01
SONY SNC-ZP550 1.76.00
VIVOTEK BD5115 supported by design
VIVOTEK CC8130 v0100c
VIVOTEK FD8131 v0100a
VIVOTEK FD8131V 0300d
VIVOTEK FD8134(V) 0301c
VIVOTEK FD8135H 0101a
VIVOTEK FD8136 0100e
VIVOTEK FD8137H(V) 0101a
VIVOTEK FD8151V 0103a
VIVOTEK FD8163(V) 0101b
VIVOTEK FD8164(V) 0100d
VIVOTEK FD8166 0100g
VIVOTEK FD8171 0101e
VIVOTEK FD8363 0101b
VIVOTEK FD8371EV 0100i
VIVOTEK FD8372 0100f
VIVOTEK FE8172 0100d
VIVOTEK FE8173 0100c
VIVOTEK FE8174 0100a
VIVOTEK IP8130 0100b
VIVOTEK IP8131W 0100e
VIVOTEK IP8152-F(4) 0100e
VIVOTEK IP8172 0100d
VIVOTEK IP8332C 0200c
VIVOTEK IP8337H-C 0101a
VIVOTEK IP8355EH 0100b
VIVOTEK IP8361 0100c
VIVOTEK IP8364C 0100d
VIVOTEK IP8371-E 0100g
VIVOTEK IP8372 0100e
VIVOTEK MD8531H 0101h
VIVOTEK FE8181 0100h
VIVOTEK IP8173H 0100i
VIVOTEK PD8136 0100e
VIVOTEK PT7135/ 0400a
VIVOTEK SD8314E 0200c
VIVOTEK SD8316E 0200c
VIVOTEK SD8324E 0200c
VIVOTEK SD8326E 0200c
VIVOTEK SD8363E 0200d