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[Tutorial] To use two-way audio to receive and transmit audio, what should I do?
Applicable firmware: QVR 5.0 and above.

Camera models: AXIS Q6035(-E), Q6034(-E), Q6032(-E), Q1921(-E), Q1910(-E), Q1765(-E), Q1755(-E), Q1604(-E), Q1602(-E), P8221, P5544, P5534(-E), P5532(-E), P5522(-E), P5512(-E), P3384-V/-VE, P3367-V/-VE, P3364(-V/-VE), P3363(-V/-VE), P3346(-V/-VE), P3304(-V), P3301(-V), P1357, P1355, P1354, ,P1353, P1347(-E), P1346(-E), P1344(-E), P1343(-E), M1054, M1034-(W), M1033-(W), 214PTZ

1. Upon logging in, click on the QVR desktop to go to the monitoring page.

2. Whenever you move the mouse cursor over a camera channel, the supported function buttons of the camera will show up for quick access.

3. Clickto enable two-way audio.

Icon Description
Two-way audio (optional):
Toggles two-way audio support on the monitoring page. To learn more about the compatibility of this feature, please visit http://www.qnap.com/NVR/CompatibilityX01.html. Please note: the two-way audio function is currently only supported by Internet Explorer 11.

Please note: Please ensure you have set up your microphone.