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[Tutorial] If a camera loses its connection with the NVR, does QNAP NVR support Edge Recording to provide redundancy by backing up footage from a camera-based SD card?

QNAP NVR supports Edge Recording to reinforce your surveillance system by recording both to the NVR and to an SD card located on the camera. If there is a network disruption, the camera will continue to record to its SD card and the NVR will automatically recover missing footage once the connection is reestablished.

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Applicable models: AXIS M3005, M3025, M5013, P1343 (-E), P1344 (-E), P3343 (-V/-VE), P3346 (-V/-VE), P3367-V/-VE, P5414, P5534 (-E), Q6034 (-E), Q1602, Q6042, Q6044, Q6045

How to configure Edge Recording?

1. Go to the camera page.
Before adding this camera to the NVR, please ensure that the camera’s date & time is synchronized with that of the NVR.

The NVR will automatically apply the settings in the edge profile to the AXIS camera.
Videos recovered from Edge Recording use the H.264 codec. This option cannot be changed.

After enabling Edge Recording, check if the camera is recording videos. If not, enable “Continuous Recording” and ensure the SD card is not full or damaged.

After enabling Edge Recording, ensure that "Recording Settings" have been enabled on the camera page and select “NVRedgeProfile” as the stream profile.

Configure the “Remove recordings older than” settings to optimize the capacity usage of the SD card.

2. Go to the NVR page.
Go to “Surveillance Settings” > “Camera Configuration” to enable Edge Recording under “Video Settings”.

Go to “Surveillance Settings” >“Recovery Management” to configure the recovery schedule, and check the recovery status and the status of Edge Recording attempts.

Applicable cameras: AXIS P1343, P1344, P3343, P5534, M5013, Q1602

Limitations and Restrictions:

  1. Audio recording is not supported by Edge Recording.
  2. The camera’s date & time must be synchronized with the NVR time for Edge Recording to work.
  3. Please refer to your cameras’ user manuals to configure settings on the camera page.
  4. Edge Recording settings cannot be modified when using local display.
  5. Ensure that the SD card is formatted to VFAT and is fully functional with enough free space for recording videos.
  6. Videos recovered from Edge Recording use the H.264 codec. This setting cannot be changed.
  7. Edge Recording will only check and recover recording files within the scheduled period.
  8. Please refer to our list of compatible cameras: http://www.qnapsecurity.com/n/en/product_z_g_qvr/cat_intro.php