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[Tutorial] How to use Vmobile 3 to monitor and play recordings on a VioStor NVR?

VMobile is a mobile app for video surveillance provided by QNAP that allows you to use your mobile device to remotely monitor IP cameras, play recorded videos, and manage your video surveillance system anytime, anywhere. VMobile supports monitoring several servers/channels from thousands of network cameras across different brands by simply connecting to any available VioStor NVR or Turbo NAS (with Surveillance Station enabled) on the network.

  • Installing VMobile 3:
  1. Please note that this app requires a VioStor NVR with QVR 5.0.1 or Turbo NAS with Surveillance Station 5.0.1 (or above).
  2. Make sure your mobile device can access the VioStor NVR or Turbo NAS via a network connection.
  3. If using an iOS device, you must be using iOS 7 (or above).
  4. Install VMobile from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) depending on your mobile device. Please note: the Android version will be available from the end of October 2014.
This tutorial will use the iOS version of VMobile 3 as an example.

Starting using VMobile 3

  • Adding a new server for monitoring

    When you start VMobile for the first time, it will lead you through the tutorial.

    After reading the tutorial, select “Start” to configure VMobile.

    If you cannot find a Turbo NAS or VioStor NVR, please check their status or your network connection. You can also select “Add Server Manually ” to add your Turbo NAS or VioStor NVR.

    Please enter your server information.

    After adding a new server, all of your server's cameras will be added to “All cameras”.

    If you want to monitor several channels on different servers, you can create your own profile for monitoring by selecting “Add Profile”.

    Enter a Profile Name before choosing what servers and channels you want to monitor, before selecting “Done”.

    You can then adjust the order by dragging & dropping channels.

    Then select the profile to start monitoring.

    Select the channel you want to monitor.

    You can find more advanced options by selecting the upper-right button.


    Button/Function Description
    Pause / resume Pause and resume the video stream.
    Snapshot Take a snapshot of the current channel (only available in single-channel view.)
    Channel View Change the channel view or enable “Sequential mode”.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 channels view are available.
    PTZ Enable the PTZ function (only available for PTZ cameras.)
    Preset Point Select the camera preset point (only available in supported and configured cameras.)
    Video Compression Change the compression of the video stream
    Share Share a snapshot
  • Playback on VMobile 3

    Select “” to use the Playback function.

    Select the server, camera, date/time, and then select “Play”.

  • Check the surveillance log on VMobile

    You can also check detailed logs on “ Logs”.