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[Guide] Scenario 1: Local Area Network

Scenario 1

  • The VioStor, IP cameras, and the PC are all in the same LAN (Local Area Network).

Please follow the steps below to install the NVR.

Both streaming from the network cameras and server:

  1. Plan the IP address and port of the NVR and the camera.
    Device IP Address
    Camera 1
    Camera 2
    Camera 3
    Camera 4
  2. Install the IP camera. Please refer to the user guide of the IP camera for the network configuration.
  3. Install and configure the NVR.
    When the NVR (VioStor) and the IP cameras are in the same LAN, you can use the default port settings.


  1. The "IP address" is for the VioStor to acquire the streaming from the VioStor directly and for browsing by LAN users.
  2. The "WAN IP Address" is for remote access to the monitoring page of the VioStor over the Internet. If your IP camera is installed behind the NAT router, enter the public IP address (or URL) and configure the port forwarding correctly.