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[Tutorial] Customize your own layouts and views

View Management on QVR


  • VioStor NVR running QVR 5.1.0 or a higher version
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/ 8
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome 43.0.2357.130 m (Windows PC), Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 (Windows PC, desktop mode, 32-bit), Mozilla Firefox 39.0 (Windows PC)

Note: The feature is not supported on local display and QVR Client for Mac.

Fisheye cameras provide 360° surround views with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Different megapixel cameras can support different resolutions and aspect ratios, such as Full HD (16:9), QXGA (4:3), and corridor format (9:16). You may want to define view layouts to suit your needs. View Management allows you to customize view layouts, and to assign cameras to specific windows.

View Management provides two modes: normal mode and fisheye mode.

Button Description
Add: Add view
Edit: Edit view
Remove: Remove view
View thumbnail:When you hover over , it will show thumbnails for your customized view.

Normal Mode

There are many pre-defined views in the monitoring page. If you want to create a customized view to be shown in the left view tree list in the monitoring page, click ‘Add’ in [Surveillance Settings] -> [Camera Settings] -> [View Management].

Add View
  1. If you want to choose customized layout, please refer to here to create your own layout.
  2. To add a camera to a view, drag a physical/virtual camera from the left list to the right channel screen.
  3. To remove a camera from a view, you can double click on a camera snapshot or drag it to the left camera tree list. You can also click ‘Restore’ to remove all of the cameras.

Customized layout

We support some pre-defined layouts. If you want to add a customized layout as a new layout or edit your defined layout, click ‘Layout Management’ in ‘Add View’ or ‘Edit View’ window first. You can then click ‘Add’ to add the layout or choose the layout to edit the layout in the right zone.

  1. Choose a type of pre-defined layout.
  2. To customize the layout, click a square and draw a larger rectangle to combine the squares. And you can double click the combined region to restore it. Or you can click ‘Restore’ to restore the original layout.
  3. To finish, click ‘Save’ and it will show on left tree list.
  4. Click ‘Cancel’. You can then find your defined layout in the dropdown list of layout list.

Fisheye Mode

For fisheye cameras, click ‘Add’ to add the below display mode under ‘Fisheye’ tab. You can then use the customized view in the left view tree list in the monitoring page.

Display Mode Description
9R Mode Provides 9 regional screens
4R Mode Provides 4 regional screens
1O8R Mode Provides an original screen in the center, and 8 regional screens around it
1P6R Mode Provides an original screen in the center, and 6 regional screens around it
Dual Panorama Provides 2 panorama screens
1P3R Mode Provides 3 regional screens in the upper side, and one panorama screen below
1P2R Mode Provides 2 regional screens in the upper side, and one panorama screen below
OPR Mode Provides one original screen one regional screen, and one panorama screen
1O3R Mode Provides an original screen, and 3 regional screens
R Mode Provides one regional screen
Full Panorama Provides one panorama screen

Add View
  1. Select a fisheye camera.
  2. Choose a display mode.
  3. To alter the size/ drag position in preview, use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. Then you can see the view.

View management’s application

You can choose the view mode in the left tree’s view tab on the monitor.