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[Tutorial] Use full fisheye camera functions by Qdewarp for various monitoring applications and post-alarm diagnosis

Key Benefits:

Fisheye cameras are widely used to monitor larger areas. QNAP’s Qdewarp is a generic fisheye dewarp technology that works without affecting original recordings. With Qdewarp, if the fisheye camera is on our capability list, you can choose from full dewarping modes in the remote monitoring and playback page and are not limited to vendor-specific dewarping modes.


  • VioStor NVR running QVR 5.1.0 or a higher version
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/ 8
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome 43.0.2357.132 m (Windows PC), Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 (Windows PC, desktop mode, 32-bit), Mozilla Firefox 39.0 (Windows PC)

Note: The feature is not supported on local display and QVR Client for Mac.

Applicable camera models:
Camera Brand Camera Models
3S N9018
ACTi B55, B56, E16, E919, E923, E923M, E927, E96, E98, I51, I71, KCM3911, KCM7911
Axis M3007, M3027
D-Link DCS-6010L
DynaColor NA083, Z4SA-D
Eneo PXD-5360F01IR
Etrovision N53U-FL, N50U-FL, N51U-FL, N53F-F, EFN3320C
Hikvision DS-2CD6332FWD, DS-2CD6362F
Hunt HLC-1NCF/360
Panasonic i-Pro SW458, SF438, SFV481
Lilin FD2452E
Mobotix c25, i25, Q25MSECD12, T25MSECD12PW, Q22M-BASIC, Q22M-Sec, Q24M-Sec
Pixord PD636E, PB670E, ND736E
Samsung SNF-7010VP
Tamron 300QV-P-CM
VIVOTEK FE8180, FE8181, FE8391-V, SF8174, VC8201-M13

How it works?

  1. Add the applicable camera model into the VioStor NVR.
  2. Go to the live view page or playback page of the VioStor NVR. You can now see the 360° surround view of the fisheye camera.
  3. Click the Interactive Control Buttons on specific channels to enable fisheye dewarping.
    Icon Description
    Dewarp fisheye images:
    For specific fisheye cameras and camera models with panomorph lenses, you can toggle dewarping. After enabling this function, you can then select the mount type and dewarping mode.

  4. Click ‘Mount type’ to select the fisheye camera’s installation location (ceiling, wall, or floor).
  5. Click ‘Quick Qdewarp’ to select the dewarping modes you want. There are 11 ways to monitor the focused region.

Qdewarp mode
Icon Function Description
1O3R Provides the original screen, and 3 regional screens
1O8R Provides the original screen in the central grid, and 8 regional screens around the center
1P2R Provides 2 regional screens at the top of the screen, and one panorama screen at the bottom
1P3R Provides 3 regional screens at the top of the screen, and one panorama screen at the bottom
1P6R Provides 3 regional screens at the top and bottom of the screen, with one panorama screen in the center
4R Provides 4 regional screens
9R Provides 9 regional screens
Dual Panorama Provides 2 panorama screens
Full Panorama Provides one panorama screen
ORP Provides one original screen one regional screen, and one panorama screen
R Provides one regional screen