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[Tutorial] Flexibly monitor multiple focused areas on a camera by using ROI (Region of Interest) Mode


  • VioStor NVR running QVR 5.1.0 or a higher version
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/ 8
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome 43.0.2357.130 m (Windows PC), Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 (Windows PC, desktop mode, 32-bit), Mozilla Firefox 39.0 (Windows PC)

Note: The feature is not supported on local display and QVR Client for Mac.

High-megapixel cameras and fisheye cameras have a larger coverage area. If you only want to monitor one focused region on a camera, you can use the digital zoom. When you want to monitor multiple regions of interest on a single camera, ROI mode is a unique and excellent solution for you to see multiple focused regions and the larger view at once. No additional camera licenses are required.

Before you configure the ROI, we strongly recommend using a video stream with at least megapixel resolution. In the monitoring page, you can click the interactive control button on the camera and select Properties. On the popout window, please choose Fixed resolution under Video Resolution option and select the highest resolution from the dropdown list.

Please follow the below steps to configure the ROI.

  1. ROI monitoring mode provides 2 monitoring layouts. In the monitoring page, click the interactive control button on the camera. Select (5 Split) or (7 Split), then the system will automatically go into the ROI mode.

  2. You can drag an area to define the region of interest on the camera’s field of view. The system will automatically show the regions on the side grid. You can also use the mouse to define regions, drag it to change its location, or to adjust its size.

    Note: You can remove specific regions by clicking .

  3. If the camera is a fisheye camera, draw regions of interest on the main channel and they will be reflected in the inset windows. You can see the original image and multiple dewarped images in one view.