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[Tutorial] How to Use Multi-server Monitoring?

There're 2 ways to centrally monitor multiple servers at one VioStor NVR client.

1. QSCM Lite: QSCM Lite is a free app provided by QVR 5.0 that allows you to easily manage up to 16 QNAP NVRs and 256 cameras. This pioneering, powerful and free App can be directly downloaded from QNAP NVR UI. For more information about QSCM Lite, please refer:
a) QSCM Lite introduction: http://www.qnapsecurity.com/n/qvr/en/?block=5#menu
b) QSCM Lite tutorial: http://www.qnapsecurity.com/n/en/trade_teach/con_show.php?op=showone&cid=22

2. Embedded multi-server monitoring:

All VioStor NVR series support the stunning multi-server monitoring feature which allows 128-channel monitoring from multiple NVR servers. To use multi-server monitoring, please just follow these steps.
Step 1.When you have successfully logged in the VioStor, the monitoring page is shown.

Step 2.Click "Server List" on the live view page.

a.Click "Auto Detect" to search for the QNAP NVR in the LAN and add the server to the server list.
b.Click "Add" to add the QNAP NVR to the server list.

Up to 128 channels from different NVR servers can be added for monitoring.

Such embedded system is, in the mean time, the most recognized and reliable surveillance deployment and a breakthrough which has never seen in the surveillance industry.